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Chapter 8: Only Unripe Mangoes Are Safe

These so-called powerful people don’t have any power. There is only one power, and that comes from within.

Any power that comes from outside is not yours.

As it has come, it will be taken away. So if you are intelligent you will not think yourself anybody special; you are just functional.

In a society of greater consciousness, more intelligence, government will become just a small functional order, it will not be an enslaving mechanism. On the contrary, it will help individuals to become more sharp in their intelligence, deeper in their meditation, and flowering in their enlightenment with great grace.

Only this kind of evolution in consciousness, which is going to happen. Perhaps we are born in the right age when the transformation is going to happen, because the situation is such that either the whole of humanity will die, or it will have to change. And I don’t think anybody wants to die.

The only alternative is to be more conscious, more alert, more alive, more loving - and create a new world with a new man, bring a new dawn to humanity.