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Chapter 7: The Proper State of Mind

You will find religious people almost stupid, although you may not see it because of your ideas about them. But if you have open eyes, go and look at your sannyasins: you will find them stupid and idiotic, you will not find any sign of intelligence or creativity. India has suffered very much because of these people. They have created such an uncreative state that India has lived at the minimum. Paralysis is not meditation.

It happened once in a church that the preacher shouted at the revival, “Let all you husbands who have troubles on your minds, stand up!”

Every man in the church rose to his feet except one.

“Ah!’ exclaimed the preacher. “You are one in a million!”

“It is not that. I cannot get up,” said the man. “I am paralyzed.”

Paralysis is not meditation, paralysis is not healthy. You can paralyze the mind; there are millions of tricks available to paralyze it. People lie on a bed of thorns: if you continuously lie on a bed of thorns your body becomes insensitive. It is not a miracle, you are simply desensitizing your body. When the body loses aliveness there is no problem; it is not a bed of thorns for you at all. By and by you may even start feeling comfortable. In fact, if you are given a good, comfortable bed, you will not be able to sleep on it. This is paralyzing the body.

There are similar methods to paralyze the mind. You can fast. Then the mind goes on saying that the body is hungry but you don’t supply food, you don’t listen to the mind. By and by the mind becomes dull. The body goes on feeling the hunger but the mind does not report it, because what is the point? There is nobody to listen, there is nobody to respond. Then a certain paralysis happens in the mind. Many people who go on long fasts think they have attained meditation. It is not meditation, it is just low energy, paralysis, insensitivity. They are moving like dead corpses, they are not alive.

Remember, meditation will bring you more and more intelligence, infinite intelligence, a radiant intelligence. Meditation will make you more alive and sensitive; your life will become richer.

Look at the ascetics: their life has become almost as if it is not life. These people are not meditators. They may be masochists, torturing themselves and enjoying the torture. The mind is very cunning, it goes on doing things and rationalizing them. Ordinarily you are violent towards others. But mind is very cunning: it can learn nonviolence, it can preach nonviolence.Then it becomes violent towards itself, and the violence that you do to your own self is respected by people because they have an idea that to be an ascetic is to be religious. That is sheer nonsense.

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