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Chapter 9: I Am the Fire!

And the master is not a person. A master is a master only when he is not a person. When you can see into some being and you - cannot find the person there but an emptiness, a presence certainly but no person present, an awareness with no center, a flame, a light, a door beckoning you, then those who have courage, and those who have real intelligence..

And what do I call real intelligence? I call real intelligence that quality within you which allows you to live without asking why. An intelligent person lives, celebrates, delights. An unintelligent person goes on asking “Why? Why?” and wastes his life.

You ask me,

I like your discourses.

That will not help much. That will make you more knowledgeable, it will not impart any being to you. You will become a little more informed, you will become a little more learned. Your mind will have a little more possession, your ego will feel good. Liking my discourses is not going to help much; it can even harm you - because these discourses are not really any knowledge that I am imparting to you. These discourses are only devices so that I can become available to you and you can become available to me.

I talk to you so that a relationship which goes deeper than talking can arise. These talks are just an opportunity for you to be close to me. These talks are engagements for your constantly chattering mind - so the mind becomes engaged in the talks and the heart can leap towards me. But if you think that it is enough, then you are getting satisfied by the outer shell and you are missing the real thing.

You say,

I like your discourses, I like you as a person.

I’m not a person, and if you like me as a person you have missed me. You have missed the impersonal that is present here. I am just an opening. Come close to me and I will help you to become impersonal too. The person is a facade, it is camouflage. The person is just a pseudo-phenomenon, it is invented. The personality is just that which you have been taught to do, that which you have been taught to be. The personality is given to you by the society. It is NOT your essence, it is the outer core - like clothes.

One has to go beyond the person; then only one comes to know who one is.

You say,

I like you as a person and I like you as the master.

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