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Chapter 5: The Day Has Been Hilarious

Once Chokoman was asked, “What is the place of
religious exercises of the ancient buddhas?”
Chokoman said, “Just by walking, they trod on it.”
The monk went on, “And after they had trod on it?”
Chokoman replied, “Ice melting, tiles breaking up.”
The monk then asked, “How does that happen?”
Chokoman responded by saying, “The gentlemen in the city, the little children outside the walls.”

On another occasion, a monk asked Chokoman, “What is this sword that will cut a hair that is blown onto it?”
Chokoman replied, “You can’t touch it.”
The monk then asked, “How about one who uses it?”
Chokoman said “His bones and body are smashed to smithereens.”
The monk commented, “Then, it’s a good thing not to be able to touch it!” - at which Chokoman struck him.


The day has been very hilarious. What I was saying.the masses have started proving it.

The Buddhists have joined hands with a minority Mohammedan league. They threatened the police that I should be arrested - as if by arresting me they are giving an answer to my argument. They threatened that they will come in a procession and destroy the ashram.

That exactly proves what I have been saying: that the world is not yet civilized, and there is no such thing as religion anywhere. These people are simply subhuman.

Even if you destroy this ashram, my arguments will not be destroyed. Even a blind man can see it!

They wanted to garland me with a garland of shoes. It only shows that they have become Buddhists but they have not forgotten their forefathers’ craftmanship of thousands of years. They have been making shoes - they are the chamars - and anybody who offers shoes as a garland only shows his poverty. He has nothing else to offer. Just a poor shoemaker..

But even that will not destroy my argument. You can bring all the shoes of the whole world, but still what I have said, and what I am going to say, will stand absolutely intact and pure.

These people went to the Deputy Police Commissioner. He seems to be a nice, educated, cultured man. He refused, saying that “You cannot have any procession, because you don’t understand.. You are misinterpreting.” He came to the ashram, and said that “I have refused their permission to take a procession against you, or I am going to arrest them, because there is no validity at all.”

Whatever I have said, I can say to any court, any high court, any supreme court. And this will be the right action: to take me to the court. Or if they have intelligence enough, I can allow three persons - they should choose - to argue with me on each point that hurts their so-called, self-styled religious feelings. Just those three persons have to fulfill the conditions of this campus. They have to come here unarmed, and they have to come here with an AIDS-negative certificate. We will welcome them with flowers, not with shoes - we have enough flowers - and I will give them every chance to argue on every point they want.

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