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Chapter 8: One World, One Humanity

There is a subtle point to be understood. If the master had seen that this man had accepted out of trust, if this man had bowed down and touched the feet of the master - if the master had seen in some way that he had accepted out of trust he would have said, “Wait, let me change it. You don’t need a cabbage, you are not a donkey.”

Trust is the greatest intelligence. Why don’t people trust? because they don’t trust their intelligence. They are afraid, they are afraid that they may be cheated. They are afraid; that’s why they doubt. Doubt is out of fear. Doubt is out of a kind of insecurity in your own intelligence. You are not so confident that you can trust and you can go into trust. Trust needs great intelligence, courage, integrity. It needs a great heart to go into it. If you don’t have enough intelligence, you protect yourself through doubt. It is doubt that shows that you have a very mediocre mind, although mediocre minds, people who doubt too much, think that they are “great skeptical minds”. It doesn’t matter what donkeys think; cabbages are cabbages. It is their nutrition, although they think they are doing something very great, something very significant. Maybe they are waiting for the whole existence to be grateful to them because they are transforming cabbages into great energy!

The man who doubts thinks that he has great intelligence. That’s why he doubts, that’s why he is skeptical, that’s why he is atheistic and all that. That is not true.

If you have intelligence you are ready to go into the unknown because you know that even if the whole known world disappears and you are left in the unknown, you will be able to settle there, you will be able to make a home there in the unknown. You trust your intelligence. Doubt is on guard. Intelligence keeps itself open because intelligence knows, “Whatsoever happens, I will be able to take the challenge, to respond adequately.” The mediocre mind has not that trust in itself.

What I am saying is you can trust a master only if you trust yourself. If you can’t trust yourself, how can you trust the master? If you can’t trust yourself, how can you trust your trust in a master? It is impossible.

If the Sufi had seen even just a little ray of trust in the man, he would have immediately taken the puzzle back. He would have himself said, “This means nothing. You don’t need a cabbage - you are not a donkey. You are not merely a knowledgeable man; you are a real seeker. Now rather than giving you a puzzle, I will give you a taste of the mystery that I am, and the whole existence is, and you are too. But you are fast asleep - let me awaken you.” Then the whole thing would have been different.

I cannot give it to you because you have trust.

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