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Chapter 23: Except Love, There Should Be No Law

The world needs disarmament - not only the Soviet Union or America; the whole world needs disarmament. If people have been disarmed, for whom are you carrying all these arms? For what purpose? - just to make you more and more powerful, and to make the people more and more weakened. They cannot fight, they cannot even think of fighting, they don’t have any means. Rather than making people more loving, more understanding, more human toward each other, your so-called governments are simply using the rule of the jungle: whoever is powerful is right.

In the parables of Aesop there is a beautiful story - all parables of Aesop are beautiful, but this parable is very relevant to the subject we are going to discuss.

A small lamb is drinking water in a stream, and a lion comes and feels a good chance for a breakfast. He tells the lamb, “You have some nerve - I am here to drink water and you are polluting it, disturbing the dust.”

But the lamb must have been immensely intelligent. He said, “Uncle, the current of the stream is going downward. You are standing upstream, how can I corrupt the water for you? - because the water will not flow upward. It is simple logic.”

Seeing that the lamb was intelligent, the lion said, “Your father has insulted me.”

The lamb said, “When?”

And the lion said, “Just the other day.”

The lamb said, “It must have been someone else, because my father has been dead for six months. How could you meet him the other day?”

The lion, seeing that all his efforts to make a good breakfast of the lamb, with the intellectual conviction that the lamb had committed a crime against him. And the lamb said, “Anyway, even if my father has insulted you, I am innocent. You should not be angry at me.”

The lion was puzzled - what to do with this intelligent lamb? Finally he said, “You don’t know how to talk with your elders. You are disrespectful to me. You go on speaking and answering everything that I say, and contradicting me. I cannot tolerate it.”

The lamb said, “Why bother with all this? You want to kill me, kill me.”

Might needs no argumentation - although in the beginning, the weaker part of humanity felt that there was only one way to protect itself, and that was to create law. Anybody who goes against law is to be punished, and everybody is equal in the eyes of the law. But they were absolutely unaware that if the strong, the cunning, the politically clever want power, they will manage it.

What is your so-called democracy - defined as the government of the people, for the people, by the people? Sometimes lies can also be expressed in beautiful words. No government in the world is “by the people” or “for the people” or “of the people.” This is the deception - so that you can choose the stronger and the clever and the cunning, and once they are elected they have all the power in their hands. And they use all those powers for their own benefit, not for the benefit of the people.

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