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Chapter 15: Everything Happens in Its Own Time

Yes. So if all these buggings are to be punished, at least one thousand years’ imprisonment will not be enough. And these people have done many more things.because one of them has returned. She did not go the full way to hide in the Black Forest, she returned from Seattle, seeing the point that rather than hiding her whole life as a criminal here and there, it was better to come back to the commune and confess everything that she had done and she knows. Perhaps today she is giving her testimony before the FBI. And she knows every single detail of how may people were poisoned, how many people were harassed so that they would leave the commune, for the simple reason that they were more intelligent, more independent, and they could not be enslaved. The chancellor of the meditation university left, the vice-chancellor of the university left, and hundreds of others who have been with me for years - very intimate - they all left. Not that they were against me. Now they are phoning from all over the word, “We want to come back. We never wanted to leave the commune, but we were harassed in such a way, humiliated in such a way, that we had to leave; there was no other way.”

These people, because I was completely isolated and in silence, took advantage of the power. Sannyasins love me - in my name these people were telling them to do things, in my name they collected money. Two hundred million dollars have been used in the commune, but forty-three million dollars they saved in a Swiss bank in Sheela and Savita’s names. Her old secretary who is to reach here tonight - or perhaps she has reached - has revealed it, that forty-three million dollars what was to come here is waiting there. So they have done every kind of crime that was possible. And now they are lying to the news media.

If they have any courage they should come and face me and face the commune, and I guarantee that we will not do any harm to them. They can come and have an encounter, and if they have any allegations they should put them forward. They had not even the guts to face me when they escaped - they did not even come to see me to say good-bye.

Could you imagine a situation when you would need Sheela back, who after all was not a bad manager in building this commune? Do you expect her to be back?

No. I will not have her in any way. But if she wants to come back, she can be just like an ordinary sannyasin. But she will not have any power post - never. And I will not need her. I have got so many intelligent people - she is just a hotel waitress.

Do you have a job for her?

Yes, in the hotel she can work. As a waitress she will be perfectly okay. But nothing more than that. Now I have got a better group of people - more intelligent, more humane, more understanding, more democratic. And I am allowing every head of all the corporations to approach me. There is no need for one person only to approach me - that was the danger. Now all the heads can approach me. Sheela had chosen all the heads, third-rate people who were below her intelligence. That is simple political strategy. Every politician wants people around him who are not competitors to him.

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