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Chapter 32: Truth Has to Wait.but Not to Wait Forever

And the government attorney said in the court, “We have not been able to prove any charge; still, the government asks that bail should not be granted for this man because he is very intelligent” - I heard for the first time that to be intelligent is criminal - “and he has thousands of friends.” I had never thought that these things were enough to be a criminal, if that is enough to be a criminal, then Jesus Christ must be the greatest criminal in the world - because half of the world is Christian. And thirdly, that I had resources enough that I could jump bail. Even if it were ten million dollars’ bail, I could jump it.

And this shows the poverty and the weakness. The greatest power of the world - you have all your armies and all your nuclear weapons and all your police forces, and you cannot manage to prevent a man from crossing the country. Then all your power is impotent.

But the reality was that the woman magistrate was not interested in anything else, she was interested in becoming a federal judge. Even the jailer did not think that I would go back to jail, he thought that there would be no reason: “They don’t have an arrest warrant, they don’t have any cause, so you will be released.” So he brought my clothes and everything in his car so that: “I can free you direct from court; there is no need to come back to the jail.” When he had to take me back, he was annoyed. He said, “In my whole life I have not seen such unfairness. The attorney could not prove - and he accepts that he has not been able to prove in three days of continuous arguing - anything against this man. Still the government wants.” Who is the government? The government was only a part in the case. And against an individual, the government forces the magistrate, bribes, blackmails.

The jailer told me, “The reality is that woman has been told that if she gives you bail - which is your right - she will not be promoted to federal judge. And she wants to become a federal judge.” And within just three days she was a federal judge.

These journalists should think not only of those who have power, but also of those who don’t have power, and they should be guards against injustice.

They had produced one hundred and thirty-six crimes against me - a man who never leaves the house. I have not gone out of this house for three months, not even into the garden; how can I manage one hundred and thirty-six crimes?

But the government attorneys told my attorneys, “If you don’t accept at least two crimes, then Osho’s life will be in danger.” That was the last blackmail. “If you want to put his life in danger, you can go for trial.” This was just when the court case was going to start, five minutes before. “It is better you accept and convince Osho to accept any two counts.” Just to save the government’s face, so that they can be right: I must have committed a crime, because I have accepted. And the threat was, “If you don’t accept, then bail will be canceled and the case can go on for ten to twenty years. It is in the hands of the government. And there is every risk for the life of Osho. So if you want to save him, try some way to convince him to accept.”