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Chapter 17: Criminals Are Always Cowards

John Tuttle, KGW-TV, Portland, Oregon

Swami Vishrant, Australian Consolidated News

Hello, John.

Hello. Osho, what do your people tell you about Siddha and Prabodhi? Are they alive and where are they?

My people here are almost reborn. They suffered for three and a half years under a fascist type of regime.

The criminals have escaped on their own. This is a victory without fight, without a struggle. We have not said a single word to them, but they could feel the change in the atmosphere.

The moment I started speaking again, the sannyasins felt a tremendous relief that now I am available, now nobody can enforce any kind of slavery on them. And the criminals understood it clearly, that while I am available to the sannyasins they cannot manage to go on committing the same type of things that they have been doing for three and a half years.

They have committed all major crimes.

I have not said them to resign or to leave the commune. I have not said a single word, but just my presence made my people feel a strength, a courage, a freedom that made them.

The two people I asked about, Siddha and Prabodhi. Are you suggesting that they were part of these criminals?

No. They were victims of the criminals.

Many people had left, particularly those who were more intelligent than Sheela and her group.

Sheela was afraid of more intelligent people. She herself was uneducated, not very intelligent. What you have seen on the television screen, each and single word I had to teach her.

She was just a hotel waitress when she had come to me. She was neither interested in spirituality nor in meditation. But she was certainly deep down had a lust for power.

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