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Chapter 10: My Work Has Just Begun

And it is true about other countries too. If all over the world the intelligent young people become attuned with me, fall in love with me, not only Adolf Hitler but even the Third World War is impossible. To create a Third World War you will need all kinds of geniuses, talented people, young. And if they have in some way fallen in love with me, they are not going to serve any destructive cause at any price; they are going to simply refuse. My influence is diametrically opposite to Adolf Hitler.

The older generation may be afraid; they have seen Adolf Hitler, they have seen his great influence, they have seen people becoming almost mad after him. And he himself was a retarded mind: he himself was not intelligent at all, just a third-rate person. He was refused admission to schools, colleges, he was refused admission to the university where he wanted to learn architecture. Then, seeing rejection everywhere - nobody could think him capable of anything great - he joined the army. That was the last resort of all the idiots, of all the fools, of all the stupid minds. The army is the last resort: you don’t need intelligence, in fact, intelligence is a barrier in becoming a good soldier. Just as a retarded person cannot become a sannyasin, an intelligent person cannot become a soldier.

What does it mean to become a soldier? It means you have accepted death as your profession. You don’t have any sensitivity for what you are doing: for a little salary and employment you have accepted to murder innocent people, children, women, old people who have done no harm to you, to whom you are not even introduced. This needs something of a very low kind of person, almost the animal. Physically he looks like a human being, mentally he is not.

And these people have fought all the wars. Of course, when you want to kill people you have to be ready to be killed any moment. They have not only sold their intelligence and their freedom into the hands of some dictator, for just a little employment they have become murderers. And simultaneously they have accepted for that little salary to be suicidal also, because in war it is not necessarily that you will only kill and you will not be killed.

So those leaders were emphasizing, “Be ready to kill or be killed. The stake is great: the nation’s pride, the race and its ego, the religion and its messiah.” All these people have been teaching you just death, either somebody else’s or your own.

I am simply amazed when people start comparing me with people who are absolutely opposite to me. In anything, my influence is to live more, to allow others to live more, to love more, to allow others to love more. Let this whole earth become a celebrating planet. There is no reason to kill and be killed - and just for some fool like Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Joseph Stalin. If they want, they can commit suicide, they can hang themselves from any tree, but why spread this poison? They spread this poison because it fulfills their ego. The name of the nation, race, religion is just a facade, just a curtain, a mask. Behind it is some monster who looks like a human being.

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