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Chapter 11: Just Be Happy That Your Hat Is Back

That reminds me: One Jewish astrologer was very famous and well known for his accurate predictions. Adolf Hitler, although reluctant - but knowing perfectly well that the man had predicted things which had come to pass, which did happen - finally agreed to allow him to read his destiny, because his destiny was the destiny of the nation. In his eyes, his destiny was the destiny of the whole world - and not just for one year; his idea was to have a one-thousand-year rule over the whole of humanity.

The Jewish astrologer came, studied the stars when Adolf Hitler was born, looked into his books and said, “Only one thing is certain: you will die on a Jewish holiday.”

Adolf Hitler said, “It is a strange prediction; what do you mean by it? Which holiday?”

The astrologer said, “That’s not certain. Only this much is certain, and this is certain because any day you die will become a Jewish holiday!”

In the same way, any day God created the world must have been the first of January; there is no other way.

And just six thousand years ago.What about before that? That’s why I call him whimsical. This whimsical God remains silent for eternity - never created anything - and in just six days he created the whole world. And since then nothing is known about him. On the seventh day he rested - okay, allowed. But one has to come back to the office on Monday! He never came back to the office. And moreover, it is dangerous if he returns to the office; what will he do? Now, the only thing left is to destroy. And a God who creates the world without any reason is also capable of destroying it without any reason. Neither do you have any answer to your question why you have been created, nor will you have time to ask why you have been destroyed. Because once you are destroyed, you are destroyed. Who is going to ask?

The whole idea of God creating man has taken away the beauty of life, the joy of life; it has turned you into mechanisms. I want to take God away from your life, so that you can feel yourself for the first time independent, free, not as a created puppet but as an eternal source of life. Only then you can rejoice.

The world looks so sad, so Christian. It is not only Jesus Christ who is sad. He can be forgiven; he is a poor fellow on the cross. You don’t expect that he should smile and say hello to you! But he represents almost everybody - not only the Christians but everybody looks as if he is on the cross, the invisible cross.so serious.

Perhaps Jesus was right that everybody has to carry his cross on his shoulder. Why in the first place should everybody carry the cross? Can’t you find anything else to carry? I cannot accept the idea. Nobody should carry the cross, either for yourself or for anybody else. You should not carry the cross at all. There are beautiful things to carry: you can carry a guitar. And if you like very heavy things, you can carry very heavy things: an old big-sized piano, but something beautiful, something that is worthy of an intelligent man - not a cross.

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