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Chapter 28: Living without any Tomorrow

So we are not against their laws. But their laws are made by mediocre politicians, and we have far more intelligent people to fight them. We have the biggest law firm in the whole world: four hundred legal experts, continuously getting ready for more and more fights, on more and more grounds.

And your governments - the state government, the federal government - are all doing many things illegally, against the constitution. It is their constitution, it is their law, but they are doing things against it, going against it. We will be in favor of the constitution, and we will go against them. We will be in favor of the laws, and prove to them that they are illegal. So our way of fighting is not to disobey; our way is to prove that we are obeying the laws and you are disobeying your own laws. The laws are yours, made by you, and you have committed so many stupidities in them that we are perfectly capable of fighting with you.

After all the time that Rajneeshees have invested in setting up this incredible social experiment, it must be disappointing to you to have met with the level of rejection and persecution.

No, in fact, it was perfectly expected. Any new idea has to be ready to accept the challenge of hostility, rejection, persecution. I would have been disappointed if they had ignored me. They could not ignore me. And it is strange: it is a small commune, living in a desert, trying to make the desert green, an oasis - and they are terrified. These people who are living, loving, dancing, singing - what harm are these people going to do to them?

In four years we have not committed a single crime. Not a single rape has happened in the commune. There is no prostitute in the commune, there is no murderer in the commune, there is no thief in the commune. The police in the commune are just sitting doing nothing, because there is nothing.

We have a city magistrate, but in four years, nobody has been brought in the court as a criminal. Against such peaceful, loving people, the whole of Oregon is afraid. They must be just retarded people.

It also sounds, though, like you’re enjoying some of the commotion you’re causing around the state.

Mm.? I want it! Because that gives us strength; every challenge brings us strength. And we will go on creating more and more challenges. We will not let them sleep peacefully. We sleep peacefully, we have no trouble!

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