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Chapter 17: On the Master’s Operating Table

He became so afraid when I told him about the press conference that he immediately wrote the order. He said, “It will reach.”

I said, “I want it to be given to me to take with me when I go myself. What is the need to waste money in postage? You give it to me.”

And he became so freaked out! He said, “You don’t understand the bureaucratic way. It has to go through the post.”

I said, “I don’t want to support any bureaucracy. You give me the order, and you can send another copy of the order through your bureaucratic channel.”

Just out of fear he gave it to me with trembling hands. I laughed saying, “It is strange. Are you taking my interview or am I taking your interview?”

And he was right. I reached before the order came through the mail, and when I gave the order to the vice-chancellor of the university he said, “But I have not received anything.”

I said, “This is the original. You will receive the true copy.”

He said, “This is just absolutely absurd. The original has to come to me.”

I said, “It has come.”

He became afraid that there may be some trouble later on for him. He immediately told me, “I have to phone to the education minister.”

I said, “You can phone.”

And he phoned. He said, “This is a strange case, unprecedented. The order, the original order, has been brought by the person himself, and he says the true copy is coming through the bureaucracy - whenever it comes it will come. What should I do?”

The education minister said, “Exactly what I have done! Simply do what he says; otherwise, from the very first day you will be creating trouble for yourself. So just do whatsoever he says. The true copy is coming by the bureaucracy.”

It came after seven days.

Teachers are psychologically attracted towards the profession for the simple desire of dominating, insulting, humiliating - not out of love, not out of respect, not out of concern for your growth.

So it is good that you got your wound opened up. It has been created in your school, where they were telling you that you were “slow, a bit dim, not very intelligent and definitely needed to try harder.” Now you are saying, “And listening to you I had the feeling that maybe all this was true. Is it?”

No. Something of it was true and something of it was not true. I will have to separate the truth from the untruth.

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