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Chapter 14: Each Step Needs Different Kind of People

No, I don’t have a fear of infection. But my people have, that I should not be infected by anything. They would like me to be with them as long as possible. As far as I am concerned, my work is done. I am perfectly fulfilled, I have arrived home. There is nowhere to go. So if I die this very moment, nothing is left incomplete.

But my people, they are still on the way. They need a friend who knows the way, who has reached the home. They need help, encouragement, guidance. They would like me to be with them as long as I can. And they have managed the whole commune according to my health needs.

The precautions that are taken with sex - with the condoms and the gloves, the spraying the alcohol on hands and the phones - these are taken in consideration of your needs?

No. They are not my needs. They are their needs.

Their needs for your preservation though?


I have been told that pregnant women are not encouraged to come here and that sannyasins are not encouraged to have children here.


Why is that?

In fact, the question seems to be very irrational. Seeing the world overpopulated, no rational man can ask the question why they are not encouraged. Thousands of people are dying every day with hunger and you want my people to produce children, to make the world more poor? Thousands of people are going to die and are dying with AIDS.

Do you want my people to produce children in a world where the children will be getting inheritance of hunger, AIDS, nuclear weapons, a third world war?

I don’t think anybody who loves will produce a child in this world. This world is already mad, and unless we change this world, every intelligent person should stop producing children.

This world can be happy only with one-fourth of its population. It is now four billion. By the end of this century it will be five billion. And when this population will be five billion, you can conceive the situation.

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