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Chapter 7: The Ecology of Existence

Even if in some way you can catch hold of the same man again, you will find he is not the same man, and he will find you are not the same woman. It is better to become strangers again. What is wrong in it? The day when you were strangers, nothing was wrong. The day when you did not know the woman, did not know the man, everything was good. Now again that has happened, you are again strangers. Nothing new has happened. You should have been aware from the very beginning that something mysterious came in. You did not bring it in - naturally, it can go any moment and you cannot hold it back.

So as a conclusion: all depends on love. If it remains a long time, good. If it remains only for a few moments, that too is good because love is good. The length is meaningless. It is possible to have in a few minutes more intensity of love than you can have in a few years. And that intensity will give you something of the unknown, which so many years will simply dilute. So the length is irrelevant, the depth is the only thing to be thought about.

While you are in love, be totally immersed in it. And when it is gone, say good-bye and be totally finished with it. Don’t let the idea linger in your mind. There are many strangers available in the world - who knows? Love has left you simply so that you can find a better stranger.

Life’s ways are strange. Trust life. You may find somebody who proves to be a tremendous love, and then you will see that your first love was nothing compared to it. And remember, some day this love will also disappear. But trust the life which has been giving you gifts again and again without asking. Remain available.

The world is so full of beautiful people; there is no scarcity. And every individual has something unique which nobody else has. And every individual gives to his love a color, a poetry, a music that is his own, and that nobody else can do.

So if we trust life - and that is my basic assumption, to trust life because we are born of life, we are children of life.

Trust life.

Life has never betrayed anyone.

Perhaps you have passed through one class and you have to enter into a second class, a higher grade, a more delicate love, a more sophisticated phenomenon - who knows?

Just keep your heart open, and life never never frustrates anybody.

So there is no contradiction in it.