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Chapter 7: Truth Is Neither Holy nor Unholy

This is the first sutra. Saraha says to the king:

It is in the beginning, in the middle, and the end;
Yet end and beginning are nowhere else.

End and beginning are nowhere else. Now is truth-time, and here is truth-space. This very moment truth is converging here. now. This very moment is the beginning, is the middle, is the end. You need not go into the past to know when existence began, this very moment it is beginning. You need not go into the future to see when existence will end, it is ending this very moment. Each moment is a beginning, and the middle, and the end, because each moment existence is new. Each moment it is dying and is reborn. Each moment everything goes into the state of nonmanifestation and comes back into the state of manifestation.

Now there are rumors in modern physics that this Tantra attitude may be true, may be ultimately true. It may be that each moment everything disappears and comes back again, pops back again; disappears, pops back again. But the interval is so small that we cannot see it. Tantra says that’s why it remains fresh, existence remains fresh.

Except for man everything is fresh, because it is only man who carries the load, the luggage of memory. That’s why man becomes dirty, unclean, loaded, burdened; otherwise the whole existence is new and fresh. It carries no past and it imagines no future. It is simply here, totally here! When you are carrying the past, much of your being is involved in the past, a past which is not. And when you are imagining the future, much of your being is involved in the future, which is not, not yet. You are spread very thin; that’s why your life has no intensity.

Tantra says to know truth one needs only one thing: intensity, total intensity. How to create this total intensity? Drop the past and drop the future. Then your whole life energy is focused on the small herenow, and in that focusing you are a fire, you are a fire alive. You are the same fire that Moses saw on the mountain, and God was standing in the fire, and the fire was not burning him. The fire was not burning even the green bush, the bush was alive and fresh and young.

The whole life is fire. To know it you need intensity, otherwise one lives lukewarm. Tantra says there is only one commandment: Don’t live lukewarm. That is not a way to live, that is a slow suicide. When you are eating, be intensely there. The ascetics have condemned tantrikas very much; they say they are just eat-drink-be-merry people. In a way they are true, but in a way they are wrong, because there is a great difference between the ordinary eat-drink-be-merry person and a tantrika.

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