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Chapter 19: The Path of Truth Is Only for Gamblers

And being with a master, the beauty is that, although you are staking everything for something unknown, yet just in front of you there is someone who knows the unknown, who has been through the same process and has come back.

This is true resurrection. There is no other resurrection except this - dying, not knowing whether you will be resurrected or not.

But if you are with a master and you see, you feel the flavor of resurrection, that gives you a tremendous impetus to be courageous. It makes your dormant courage dynamic, alive, functioning.

It is something like a small child walking by the side of his father, holding his father’s hand. The father may be worried - there are a thousand and one problems for him - but the child is enjoying the morning sun, the beautiful breeze, the flowers, the butterflies and he is asking question after question. He has no worry. He is certain - his hand is in his father’s hand - and that’s enough.

To be with a master is to be in a tremendously trustful atmosphere so you can easily withdraw your guards, barriers, protections; you can be vulnerable, you can be open - open to the very end. And if the master becomes a guest within you, your whole life is transformed.

You have also asked: “I say the disciple needs the master; does the master also need the disciple?”

Yes. In existence everything is interdependent. In existence there is nothing like dependence, nothing like independence - which are just extremes, just ideas. Reality is always in the middle of the extremes. It is an interdependence.

Here, everything depends on everything else; although no pseudo-master will accept this, that he needs disciples. He will try to prove that he is absolutely independent, he needs nothing. And that is simply nonsense.

We are not islands, we are part of a vast continent.

The master needs the disciple in the same sense as the raincloud needs somewhere to pour its water. It is heavy. The master is heavy with his experience. It is a beautiful ecstatic experience, but still, it is too much: he wants somebody to share it. And the beauty of sharing is, the more he shares, the more he finds that his experience goes on becoming bigger and bigger. It is inexhaustible.

So it is not only a question of needing one disciple; he can have millions of disciples and still he is in need of disciples. There is no limit to it. The disciple needs only one master; the master needs millions of disciples for the simple reason that something is continuously growing in him.

Enlightenment is not the end. Yes, it is the end of sleep, it is the end of darkness, it is the end of unconsciousness. But it is also a great beginning, a new flowering, an endless growth.

The master will have to share it. He cannot contain it within himself. He will die if he tries to contain it within himself. His experience will kill him.

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