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Chapter 25: Yes Is the Heartbeat of Life

No represents death.

Yes is the heartbeat of life.

So I am not saying that your mind has to say yes. No, I am saying you have to go beyond the no-saying mind. And once you have gone beyond, it is not a question of saying yes - you are yes. Your very being is nothing but a totality of acceptance, with gratitude.

Out of this, the real prayer arises. All other prayers - in the synagogues, in the churches, in the temples, in the mosques - are just carbon copies. The original is within you, and the original has no words. It is absolute silence, but totally positive.

Silence, but so full of music.silence, but so fragrant.silence, but so luminous.

Once you have entered your real being, the mind is such a small thing.it simply starts wagging its tail. No need to hold the tail and wag it - then perhaps it may get angry; the dog may start barking. Even a dog has a dignity of his own. He wags his tail out of his freedom - freedom of expression! Now you are holding his tail and moving it.he will start barking: “This is too much! You are going beyond your limits, you are entering into the territory of somebody else. It is interference.”

I don’t want you to interfere in the mind.

That’s what I have been teaching for thirty years continuously: don’t interfere. Just be a witness, far above. To interfere, you have to be there - not far away, you have to be within the mind to interfere, to fight.

Neither is fight needed, nor is interference needed.

All that is needed is an aloofness.

You are on the sunlit peak. The mind is in the dark valley. And because of your superior powers, the mind automatically follows you. You need not even give an order. It understands your new state of awakening.

You can say yes, but you will have to go into meditation.

Through mind, you can force yes, but it will be superficial, hypocritical, forced. Underneath, there will be no - vital, stronger, and soon it will throw away your yes.

Let the yes come from above, from a greater, bigger source of energy. The mind will automatically follow, and when mind follows on its own, there is a beauty and there is a grace. When mind says, out of its own understanding - because the master is awake, and now the mind cannot go on behaving in the old ways.. When the mind, out of understanding says yes, there is beauty.

One great Zen master, Hotei, was a strange man - beautiful, very loving, but a little bit eccentric. That eccentricity adds much spice to his life. It makes his life not ordinary and flat but very meaningful.

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