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Chapter 5: The Fundamental Rule

If you go to Lao Tzu and you say that somebody is a thief, he says, “So what! Somebody is a thief. Let it be so.” Lao Tzu is unworried about reality. If somebody is mad. Lao Tzu will say, “So what! Let it be so. If that’s how the whole wills it then that is how it has to be. Who are you? Who has given you the authority to change anything, to transform it? Leave reality to itself and everything goes beautifully, rhythmically. Interfere, and everything is disturbed.”

You have heard about the non-violence of Mahavira, you have heard about the non-violence of Buddha, but they are nothing compared to Lao Tzu. In their non-violence there is a subtle violence still: the violence of interference. The good has to be brought in, the bad has to be destroyed; the immoral has to be changed into moral, the wrong has to be put right. They are still not in wu-wei, non-interference. The violent person is trying to change reality violently, the non-violent person is trying to change reality non-violently, but both are trying to change reality. And to change is to be violent. To accept things as they are, to accept with no mind at all - that is the Tao understanding.

If you have a mind you cannot accept. You will judge, you will compare; you will say that this should not be so, it has not to be so; you will say that this can be improved, this can be changed and made better.

The very idea that the world can be made better is the very root of all ego trips. The world is perfect; there is no way to make it better. If you try to make it better, you will make it worse. Things are in perfect rhythm nothing is bad, nothing is good. The good and the bad are man-created concepts. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong - those are our conceptions. Reality simply is neutral, neither good nor bad, neither beautiful nor ugly. It simply is. This “isness” is Tao.

Now, enter this parable. We will go into it very slowly. Taste it step by step - it can become a revelation.

Mr. P’ang of Ch’en had a son who was clever as a child..

Every child is born clever. No child is ever born idiotic. To become an idiot one needs to be educated. To convert people to idiocy, schools and colleges and universities are needed. It is a great achievement. Idiocy is not natural; it has to be learned, it has to be earned. Great effort has to be made before you can become stupid. A Buddha or a Lao Tzu or a Jesus are people who somehow escaped from society, who somehow managed it that society did not change them into stupid people. They look rare because the whole society has become stupid otherwise they would be the norm. It be natural to be clever, intelligent - as natural as breathing, as natural as health.

Watch a child, any child, black, white, Indian, Chinese, German - yes, even German! Watch any child. All children are intelligent and all children are beautiful. Have you ever seen an ugly child? The phenomenon does not exist at all. Have you ever seen a stupid child? Their intelligence is tremendous.

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