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Chapter 33: I Need Your Intelligence, Not Your Surrender

The scientists now say that life was born in the ocean, and the child in the beginning is exactly like a fish. In nine months he covers almost two to three million years of progress. The body is involved in such a work that it does not want any interference; and if a child is awake, there will be interference.

The old man, as he gets older his body is no longer building any new tissues, any new nerves. The old nerves are dying, and they are not being replaced by new ones. The inner work of the body is lessened because the man is going to die. Now the preparation for death is cutting off the sleep. Just as in preparation for life twenty-four hours of sleep a day was needed, now preparation for death needs almost no sleep.

Relaxation is a deliberate effort to allow the body to do its work without your interference. You simply become absent; you leave the body as if it is a dead corpse - and it is needed. As human life has become more and more tense, more and more frantic, more and more speedy, the ordinary sleep is not enough. Relaxation leads you to a deeper realm of sleep.

Hypnos means sleep. The word simply means sleep, but a sleep of a different kind - consciously produced, not biologically but psychologically. Biologically, sleep can go only to a certain extent, but psychologically, sleep can penetrate very deep. It all depends on you.

The society certainly prepares you for activity, for ambition, for speed, for efficiency. It does not prepare you to relax and to do nothing and to rest. It condemns all kinds of restfulness as laziness. It condemns people who are not madly active - because the whole society is madly active, trying to reach somewhere. Nobody knows where, but everybody is concerned: “Go faster!”

I have heard about a man and his wife driving on a road as fast as they can. The wife was telling the man again and again, “Just look at the map.”

And the man was saying, “You keep quiet. Shut up! I am the driver. It doesn’t matter where we are going, what matters is that we are going with speed. The real thing is speed.” Nobody knows in the world where they are going, and why they are going.

There is a very famous anecdote about George Bernard Shaw. He was traveling from London to some other place and the ticket collector came. He looked in all his pockets, in the bag, he opened his suitcase. And the ticket collector said, “I know you. Everybody knows you. You are George Bernard Shaw. You are a world-famous man. The ticket must be there, you must have forgotten where you have put it. Don’t be worried. Leave it.”

George Bernard Shaw said to the man, “You don’t understand my problem. I’m not looking for the ticket just to show you. I want to know where I am going. That stupid ticket - if it is lost, I am lost. You think I am looking for the ticket for you? You tell me where I am going.”

The ticket collector said, “That is too much. I was just trying to help you. Don’t get disturbed. Maybe you can remember it later on by the time you reach the station. How can I tell you where you are going?”

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