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Chapter 28: Start with Meditation

The shop owner pumped the air into the woman.and it came out so beautiful because it was manufactured, everything perfect. The first man said, “You have been a great wise man to advise us.” He purchased the woman and he said to his friend on the way, “Remember, I don’t like anybody to befool around my wife.”

The man said, “Have you already gone mad? It is a plastic woman, it is not your wife.”

He said, “Whatever it is, for these three months in Alaska, watch out. Because I am a very angry man. If I see you with my woman, there is only one way that I know and that is to shoot you.”

The man said, “What kind of nonsense are you talking? A plastic thing and you will shoot me - your best friend! And why I should get interested in your plastic woman?”

He said, “I have just made you alert about it. Don’t ask me later on why I did not say it to you.”

After two months, the man who had purchased the woman came back to the same village and thanked the shop owner, saying, “You gave me something that was immensely needed in that lonely place.”

The owner asked, “But what happened to your friend?”

He said, “Don’t ask me about that bastard. I shot him.”

The owner asked, “For what?”

He said, “I caught him making love to my woman! And that idiot did the last thing as I came in and was going to shoot him - he cut the nipples of my woman with his teeth, so she immediately flew out of the window. I have lost the woman, I have lost the friend. I have come to ask if you have got another pair.”

This whole society is boiling with jealousy. Nobody says it, everybody hides it. But the more you hide it, the more it goes on like a cancerous growth, expanding in your interior being. Just look how many things you are jealous of: somebody has a beautiful house and somebody has a beautiful physique, and somebody has a beautiful strong body. Somebody is an intellectual giant and somebody has the most wealth that one could ever think of. So on, so forth, there are people all around who will make you jealous.

Instead of your life being in an oceanic love, it is suffering in a gutter of dirty jealousy. But unless you start looking inwards and finding the roots, you will not be able to transform it.

You are blessed, Svarup, that just without any effort my silence reaches to your heart. It will purify you, it will destroy all that is poisonous in you - jealousy, anger, greed, attachment, possessiveness. It will make you just a beautiful flower of love.

What is happening has been called in the East satsang, being with a man who has attained the truth. Yes, this is satsang - where, without any effort on your part, just the grace of your master starts alchemical changes.so silently that you become aware only when the work is done.

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