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Chapter 25: Stealing the Truth

Now this is a strange statement! It is against the followers because somebody has been found with drugs. But it is so simple a logic that the person who has been found with drugs was also a Christian or a Jew, and he was a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu for his whole life, and for centuries, generation after generation. And he has been a sannyasin only for one year - but I am condemned! Christianity is not condemned, Jesus is not condemned, the pope is not condemned.not even mentioned.

Otherwise, all the criminals of the world belong to some religion. All the murderers, all the rapists, belong to some religion. If this is the way to decide, then all the religions should be condemned. They will not have any respectability, will not be allowed to make their temples, churches and synagogues, will not be allowed to spread their religion because their religion is dangerous. It creates murderers, rapists, thieves, robbers.

This is a strange statement. When somebody does something, it is his individual responsibility. And I don’t have even a religion. I don’t have anybody’s responsibility on me. Seeing all the information from all the governments telling them that I should not be allowed to stay, they were clear that nothing is against me. If somebody else has done something then he should be punished. I should not be punished and persecuted.

They agreed, unanimously - and it is a very difficult situation here. It is a coalition government, it is not a single-party government; three parties together have made the government. To come to a unanimous decision is a very difficult thing, but they came to a unanimous decision. And the minister of the interior even informed the press: “Osho is welcome to stay here and do his work here.”

But they were not aware of things, in what kind of world we are living. The American ambassador immediately must have informed Ronald Reagan, and Ronald Reagan must have phoned the president. “If you allow Osho to stay in Uruguay, then all the loans that we were going to give you, and that means billions of dollars, will be stopped. Second, all the loans that we have given you in the past - the interest rate will be raised high or you have to pay them immediately: you can decide.”

Now, a poor country, a small country.and you call America democratic, a country of freedom - and the president of the country and the government of the country is doing simply blackmail. This is blackmail! They have nothing to say against me. Asked, “Why don’t you want him to be here?” the reply was, “That is irrelevant. We simply do not want him in Uruguay; otherwise, you can understand what we can do.” Now, the poor people see clearly it is blackmail but are helpless.

But if only politicians were doing blackmail, it would be one thing -everybody getting a chance will do it. Shiva has written a book against me, full of lies. I have told the English sannyasins to sue him in the court, because what he is saying is such utter nonsense. And you can see the cunningness. In Pune, everyday in the evening, I used to have a meeting for people who were taking sannyas. It was an open meeting - almost sixty, seventy, sometimes a hundred people would be present. One dozen people or maybe more would be initiated and ten sannyasins were dancing as mediums to create a vibrant energy.

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