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Chapter 2: Religion Is Rebellion

With my people the only criterion is your own experience, your own meditativeness - neither Gita nor Koran nor Bible. I am not teaching you any scripture; I am trying to help you to read the scripture of your own heart. And the moment you know your own heart, the moment you become attuned with your own being, you will know that the whole humanity is one. Languages differ, but there are not many religions - there cannot be.

If there is only one science about the objective reality, how can there be many religions about the inner reality, the subjective reality? If the objective truth is one - there is nothing like Hindu physics or Christian chemistry or Buddhist biology or Mohammedan mathematics! If the objective reality is one, whether you are experimenting in India or in Russia or in America, it makes no difference, you will come to the same conclusion. Then how it can be that the subjective reality is divided in three hundred religions?

There are three hundred religions in the world and there must be three thousand sects of these three hundred religions and thirty thousand sub-sects, and so on, so forth. It is just ridiculous! Religiousness is one, love is one, truth is one, the taste of freedom is one.

But I am not trying to create a synthesis. I am simply creating a situation in which you can experience your own interiority. And the moment you have experienced it, you have experienced the very interiority of existence itself. Then there are no nations, no churches, no states.

The German Chancellor is right. I am against the state and the society because the state and the society have been destructive. They are the cancerous growths in the very heart of humanity. They have to be destroyed mercilessly! Man has to become free from politics and religious politics - both are politics. Man has to transcend all divisions. Naturally the people who are nourished by divisions, who exploit the divisions, will be against me and my sannyasins.

But this is a beautiful challenge - you have to face it. And if it brings suffering, enjoy that suffering too, because to suffer for anything beautiful is a benediction. One can live a very comfortable life, convenient, if one compromises with all kinds of lies, but then your life will be flat; it will not have any ecstatic peaks.

We have to fight! Of course our fight is going to be totally different. We are not going to kill people, but we are going to give a tough fight to their minds. We are not actually to behead them, but metaphorically of course we have to behead them! Only then they will become aware of their hearts - when they lose their heads.

You will have to suffer many things - you will lose your respectability - but do you think Jesus was respectable? The Polack Pope is respectable! See the strange ways of the world: the Polack Pope is respectable and Jesus was not respectable. Jesus was condemned like a criminal.

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