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Chapter 24: A Great Waiting.a Great Longing for the Unknown

The other night you spoke about how our emotions get drunk with love.
Can you speak about that delicious intoxication that we feel when we drink your wine?

Prem Madir, my wine is not of this world. In fact, my wine is not even mine. It belongs to the very life source. I sing the song of existence. So when you get intoxicated with me, I am just an excuse, you are intoxicated with existence itself, with all its beautitude, with all its glory, with all its tremendous splendor. The infinity, the eternity, the immortality.all are in a single moment yours, and when you are intoxicated you are no more.

Only in these moments truth has been found, God has been found, liberation has been found. These are all different names of something which cannot be named.

That’s why, when I say God is dead, don’t think that I am an atheist, I am simply saying that that symbol of God is no longer significant. The priests have exploited that symbol in thousands of ways all around the earth, in all the religions. Now that word simply denotes our slavery, not our freedom. It symbolizes the organized religion, but not the individual bird on the wing in the sky of freedom. That bird which used to have the whole sky is encaged.

All the religions have been preparing chains, handcuffs, imprisonment for your soul. I offer you nothing but intoxication with existence itself, with the trees and with the wind and with the clouds. I offer you to be in love, dance with the wind and dance with the rain, and laugh with the river. Unless you are so free that you become almost a part of the cosmos, you have not known the taste of religion, you have not known the taste of your own dignity, of your own great potential.

Listening to me, this immense silence descends on you, envelops you - a great waiting, a great longing for the unknown, a complete forgetfulness of the ego and a remembrance of your innocence and your individuality. They all happen simultaneously in a single split second.

I have given you the name Prem Madir; it means the wine of love.

It is strange, all the religions are against life, against love, against joy, and still we have tolerated them. It is time that all these gods and all these temples should be erased. And all these priests who have been parasites of humanity, should be forced to work in the farms, in the vineyards. They should be taught how to be in contact with the immensity that surrounds you. It does not need any mediator.

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