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Chapter 9: The Golden Alchemy

The world is man’s effort, because it is an expansion of man’s ego. What about religion? Religion is not man’s effort. Religion means to be tired of one’s efforts, bored; to be distressed by them. Even when you succeed, your success is still only dust. If you build a house, it is still simply an inn. Even if you complete your house, you still don’t find your home. It is still only an overnight stay, and when the morning comes you depart. Here, even success is failure; wealth can only impoverish you. Here, no fame, no name or position can fill your inner heart, can overwhelm you with delight. Here, everything is a deception.

Whatever man does through effort is what is called maya, the illusory. Whatever is not done through human effort is called the divine. So this is the basic concept of the devotee: it will happen by calling out, by longing, by prayer, by worship. But you need not understand prayer and worship to be an effort. People have turned them into efforts. They say, “We are doing prayer.” This is wrong. How can anyone do prayer? One can be in prayer, but one cannot do prayer. You will miss if you do it. In doing, you have entered. If it happens, that is different.

So there are neither formal rules for prayer nor any formal words for it. Prayer is informal. It happens in a certain state of feeling. Sometimes it happens through tears and no words come. Sometimes it happens through dance and there is no trace of tears; sometimes through a smile, sometimes through humming a song. And it is not fixed, that song will not be the same every day. If you hum the same song every day it will become false. Just whatever emerges, whatever comes, whatever arises naturally.. You sit down for some time, and let whatever happens happen. At times you cry, at times you sing, at times you laugh, at times you dance, at other times you do nothing, you just sit peacefully. This is exactly what Daya says: sometimes the devotee laughs, sometimes he cries, sometimes he sings - how paradoxical! Sometimes he stands, sometimes he sits, sometimes he falls - again and again he falls. How paradoxical!

It is said that when Moses saw God on Mount Sinai, he fell down seven times. The sight was so immense, so unprecedented - what else could one do but tremble? One is shaken to the very roots. He fell down seven times, fell and rose again, fell and rose again. He was only able to stand up fully the eighth time - and even then his feet were trembling.

The divine is such an immense experience that you will go crazy. You will be like a drunkard. And this wine is not like ordinary wine where the intoxication wears off after a while. Wine made from grapes is a false wine, because its intoxication wears off after some time. The color that quickly fades is not a fast color. The color which never fades is what we call “fast,” isn’t it? The divine is the real wine. We are deceiving ourselves when we make wine from grapes.

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