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Chapter 4: Right Now

Although you have made me alive towards Christ, Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Lao Tzu and all those known as enlightened ones, and although it is really difficult for me to conceive of you as separate, yet when someone starts talking highly of anyone, it automatically comes out of my mouth, that there has never been a greater master than you and maybe there will never be in the future either. So is this because of my love towards you, or due to my ego, or is it reality, or am I biased? Please explain.

The disciples of Jesus thought in the same way. The disciples of Buddha also thought in the same way. It is part of love, not of reality.

It is part of love. You fall in love with a woman and you think, “Never before has there been such a woman; never again shall there be such a woman.” What do you mean? Is this the reality? In a sense it is; it is the reality for you. It is not an objective reality; it is a subjective reality. This is your feeling, and feelings are as real as stones. They exist.

But this is not a comparison. You are not saying that really there has never been such a beautiful woman before. How can you know? Millions and millions of women have been on the earth: how can you know, how can you compare? You don’t even know all the women that are on the earth right now. Who knows? - there may be somebody who is more beautiful than your beloved.

But that is irrelevant, that is not the point. You are not making a comparative statement. It is not that you have studied all the statistics. You are simply making a statement of love. It has nothing to do with any other woman; it is not comparative. In the moment of love a truth arises, a subjective truth. It is your feeling. For you, this is the woman and all other women have become irrelevant.

The same happens when you love a master. It happens even more extremely because the love is still deeper. You love a woman physically; at the most, psychologically. You love a master spiritually. You touch the deepest core. He touches the deepest core in you. In that ecstasy, a subjective truth arises.

This is not new. This is nothing new to you. This has always been happening. Ask Jesus’ disciples and they will say, “He is the only begotten son of God.” They cannot conceive that Jesus can be compared in any way with anybody else. He is incomparable, unique: the only begotten son. It is impossible for them to conceive that there is another son of God. Ask the followers of Buddha and they say, “He has attained. And only he has attained the unattainable. It was never attained before.” Ask the followers of Mahavira. They say, “He is the only one: all-knowing, omniscient. There is nobody else.”

What is happening? It is a simple phenomenon of subjective love. It is impossible for the lover to conceive that there can be anybody else. In a moment of love you are in such deep ecstasy, so intoxicated. Love is an intoxicant. In that intoxication, whatsoever you say is poetic. It is not scientific and there is no contradiction in it.

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