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Chapter 7: The Rock Bottom of It All

If there is a goal, there is the fear of going astray. If there is a goal, there is the fear of failure. You cannot be a failure! Life does not allow any failure. And because there is no goal you cannot be frustrated. If you feel frustrated it is because of your mental goal that you have imposed on life. By the time you have reached your goal, the life has left it; just a dead shell of the ideals and the goals remain - and you are frustrated again. The frustration is created by you.

Once you understand that life is never going to be goal-confined, goal-oriented, then you flow in all directions with no fear. Because there is no failure, there is no success either - and then there is no frustration. Then each moment becomes an intrinsic moment in itself; not that it is leading somewhere, not that it has to be used as a means to some end - it has intrinsic value. Each moment is a diamond, and you go from one diamond to another - but there is no finality to anything. Life remains alive.there is no death. Finality means death, perfection means death, goal means death. Life knows no death - it goes on changing its forms, shapes. It is an infinity, but to no purpose.

So just be in the moment.and be loving - because that is the only way to enjoy the moment.

People who are goal-oriented are always against love, remember. Mind is always against love because love seems to delay the goal. Love says to enjoy this moment, herenow.rejoice in it, dance in it, dance to orgasm! Love gives you momentary goals, and the mind says that this is a disturbance, a distraction; you are going away from your goal. The mind says persist in one direction, go like an arrow, one-pointed, moving towards the target. And love says there is nowhere to go.in fact there is no motivation to go anywhere.just to be here, just to be here, just to be here.

So I give you this name Prem Vasant, spring of love, with this significance, this poetry, which has to be remembered: that life is goal-less, and that you are free, unconfined. There is no fear of failure.you cannot disappoint me. Whatsoever you do, I will say, “Good, perfectly good!”

And that is what the whole of life is saying: whatsoever you do, perfectly good! It goes on saying good! to the trees, beautiful! to the animals.even to the rocks, life goes on saying perfectly good!

In the Bible, in the Old Testament, it says that God created the world, and he looked at it and he said, “It is good.” That’s beautiful.that must have been so. If God someday created the world, if there is a God, he must have said it’s good! Mm?


The Tathata group is present this night. The group leader is first to speak.

I enjoyed the group very much. I feel spent now; I put myself into the group as much as I could. And I’m following your suggestion of being silent and having just fruit juices for a few days after each group, and feel it’s perfect for me.

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