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Chapter 14: Don’t Be a Missionary, Be a Message

So we had to come to a conclusion that those three fellows would play cards while I slept for a few hours, and then they would have their harmony and I would sit and listen. But listening to them was also beautiful, because how were they managing any sleep?

Everybody is carrying the blessed one, but it needs to be awakened.

The blessed one is not a certain talent. It is not like being a musician. A few people are musicians but not everybody can be; a few people are painters but not everybody can be; a few people are poets, dancers, actors, writers - these are talents.

The blessed one is not a question of talent. It is your very nature. It is your self-nature; it is your intrinsic quality.

It is up to you how long you want to be miserable and asleep - you are free. The moment you decide that enough is enough, you will have the same experiences as any Gautam Buddha or Ramakrishna or Raman Maharshi - these are not talented people. Kabir or Raidas or Farid - these are not talented people, they are just ordinary human beings. But as far as their blissfulness is concerned, they have reached to the same peak as Gautam Buddha.

It is your birthright.