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Chapter 29: Nobody Is Missing Anything

You are not missing anything. The moment you realize, “I am not missing anything,” all your problems will disappear. It is up to you. There are only two alternatives: either to get it right now and become blissful, or to postpone and remain miserable. My preference is, get it right now.

And what I have said for you about witnessing is nothing but a simple art of seeing. You are breathing, you are seeing, your heart is beating, you are surrounded by a beautiful universe. What more do you want? And are you certain that even if something more is added, you will not want more again?

The realization is instantaneous. It is not from point A to point B. It need not go anywhere - to Mecca or to Moscow or to Kashi or to Lhasa. Wherever you are, just enjoy the moment. I cannot conceive a better situation than this.

The trees must be laughing at you. Do you think the crows are doing it for some purpose? Just clearing their throats - early morning clearings. Do you think anybody is saying to the flowers to open and release their fragrance? No, it is all intrinsic. Only man has forgotten the language of being intrinsic. And the language of being intrinsic is the language of religion. Any moment decide, “This is enough” - and become enlightened.

It is not a question of becoming enlightened after arduous disciplines. It is a question only of deciding: “From this moment I am going to enjoy totally and fully whatever is available.” And witnessing will follow on its own accord.

And finally Krishna Prabhu is asking, “Would you say something about this and maybe a prayer for me?” Prayer to whom? There is nobody to listen. The universe does not understand human language, but it understands love, it understands laughter, it understands peace, it understands silence - not the words, but the experiences.

So I cannot pray for you because there is no God who is going to answer your prayer. But I can make a device in which a prayerfulness happens, not only to me but to you too.

Paddy is a drunkard and yet Maureen has never tasted alcohol in her whole life.

“Hey, you drunk,” she says one day, “give me that bottle. I want to taste whatever it is that has made you the bum you are.”

Taking the bottle of cheap whiskey, she takes a good gulp from it. “Yuk,” she gasps, “that’s the most vile-tasting liquid that has ever passed my lips. It tastes terrible.”

“You see,” says Paddy, “and all these years you thought I was having a good time.”

Different things make different people feel insecure. For instance, to make a German feel insecure, tell him a joke.

To make an Italian feel insecure, agree with him.

To make an Australian feel insecure, talk to his girlfriend in German.

To make a Polack feel insecure, invite him home to play with the dog.

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