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Chapter 12: Camels Don’t Like to go to the Mountains

The psychological background has to be remembered: mankind has never praised anybody who was contemporary, expressive, creative, had something to say. The crowd has been against these people because in a certain sense their presence becomes an insult. Their very presence humiliates you.

There is an Arabic proverb that camels don’t like to go to the mountains. They love the desert. In the desert they are mountains. Being close to a mountain it is very humiliating to realize that you are nothing - not even a particle of dust by the side of the Everest. It is better to avoid. They have chosen the desert where they are great people.

It has to be remembered that even your so-called powerful people don’t want to come in contact with a man of authentic power, a power that arises within and is not borrowed from others, begged from others. There are a few people certainly, whose sources of power are intrinsic. Even presidents and kings and queens look like nothing but beggars in front of them, because their power depends on others. A power that depends on others is not much of a power, but it is easier to attain.

People choose easier ways and people choose to imitate, and people want - are taught and conditioned to want - to become somebody special. And that specialness can come: either you are a president or you are the richest man in the world.

This whole system of teaching people has been basically wrong. Nobody should be condemned for it; they are all victims. But the time is ripe and there is intelligence enough to see the point, and to change the whole programming.

A child should be respected, not for his obedience, but for his intelligence. And if his intelligence makes him a rebel, that is perfectly in tune with existence. A child should not be given concepts, beliefs, baptisms, because you don’t have any right to force your own burden, your own unconscious conditionings on a pure consciousness. A child should not be Christian, Hindu or Mohammedan.

If you really love your child, you will protect him from being contaminated by any belief system. You will protect him from all that corrupts and from all that takes him away from himself, from all that destroys his individuality and makes him a hypocrite - but who loves so much?

People think it is love, that if you are born a Christian, your children should be Christians. It is not love. It may be anything else, but certainly not love. Love will leave the child to grow according to his own intrinsic capacities.

Give him the sky; give him the opportunity.

Give him the freedom.

Give him the nourishment.

Give him the courage to be himself.

That is still a dream and a hope. Perhaps one day it will happen, because doubts about humanity’s past have started arising from many sources. We have lived unnecessarily under a very dark night, when the whole sun and the flowers and the trees were our birthright.

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