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Chapter 4: God Is a Lie

There is intrinsic proof of it. Hindus say the Vedas are written by God himself. I cannot conceive the stupidity. Nobody in thousands of years has objected to the idea. And there is intrinsic proof in the Vedas themselves that they are created by the priests. There is no need for any outer proof.

I will tell you about just a few proofs which are intrinsic. Ninety-eight percent of the prayers in the Vedas are from priests. God will not have a prayer. There is no other God; to whom will he pray? Just look at the point: God cannot be a worshipper, God cannot be in prayer, God cannot ask anything from anyone because there is no one beyond him. The whole Vedas are nothing but prayers, and the content of the prayers is so idiotic that it is a miracle that nobody raises the question. One of the so-called Hindu seers prays - of course prays to God - that this year, “Just let your clouds rain in my fields and not in the fields of my enemies.” Do you think this writing can come from God?

Another seer, a so-called, self-styled seer, asks God, “Let my cows have more and more milk and let my enemies’ cows simply stop giving milk at all.” Will God write these kinds of things? This is intrinsic proof that these are the writings of ordinary worshippers - brahmins, priests - and they are proclaiming for thousands of years that the Vedas are written by God.

All religions try to prove that their holy scripture is written by God - if not written, at least it is sent through a messenger, but the word is coming from God.

Once you accept the fiction of God, you will have to accept these holy scriptures and you will have to accept his judgment. And his judgment is absolutely against nature, because these scriptures prescribe that you live an abnormal, stupid, insane life: “Don’t eat according to the needs of your body, fast! Don’t live in the world, renounce! Go to the Himalayas, live in the caves!” With difficulty man has come out of the caves. Thousands of years’ struggle has brought man out of the caves, and these so-called holy scriptures are sending him back: “Go to the caves!”

But there is a certain psychological reason behind it. If you are fasting, you become more imaginative. Obviously you have to imagine food; that is the first imagining that comes. The whole night you will be imagining that you are being invited by the king himself, and you are having a great feast. It is bound to happen.

If you are sexually starved, you will have sexual dreams. If you are physically starved, you will have dreams about food. If you are thirsty, you will dream about water. Your dreams show what you need, what you are denying yourself. Dreams are indications from your very nature that you are unnecessarily going against nature; that you will suffer.

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