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Chapter 1: No-Mind Is the Buddha

The monk said, “And when the baby stops crying?”
Baso said, “Mind is not the buddha.”
The monk said, “Beside this, is there something more?”
Baso replied, “I will tell you, it is not some thing.”

This no-mind. This pure silence is not a thing, it is not some thing. It is the very life, the very consciousness, the very blissfulness, the eternal being. It is not a thing.

Maneesha has asked:

The other evening I heard you say that intuition and enlightenment are not different. Is that because both are of no-mind? And does that mean that when intuition is working within us, we are having a small taste of enlightenment?

Maneesha, in your simple question you have raised many questions. First, the other evening never happened! The past is past. How many times have I to remind you? There has been no other evening than this and there will be no other evening than this. Rather than being here, you are worried that you heard me say “intuition and enlightenment are not different. Is that because both are no-mind?”

I want you all, not only Maneesha, to understand that this is not an assembly of philosophical, theological inquirers. This is a meeting of the buddhas. As far as your innermost self is concerned, you can give it any name, intuition. What does that word mean? It means knowing from within. We understand perfectly what tuition means, what tutor means: knowledge coming from outside: a teacher, a tutor, a professor, all they are doing is tuition.

Intuition is that which arises within you, it is your very being. You can call it enlightenment. You can give it any name - it does not matter - names don’t matter in this world of real existence.

And then finally you are asking, “And does that mean that when intuition is working within us.”

No, Maneesha, intuition is never working; it is simply there. What is working is always mind. What is always at rest, not working, is you. Your center is beyond working or not working, it simply is: it is a different language to understand - it does nothing. So when you think your intuition is working, you are being befooled by your mind. Don’t be befooled by the mind.

Remember that intuition is: it does not work; it is a presence, an awareness. That’s why I have called them two names for one experience: intuition, enlightenment, awakening, buddhahood - just names of the same unmoving center. You cannot have just a taste of it. Either you have it whole, or you don’t have it; it is indivisible.

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