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Chapter 8: There Is Nothing More Pure than Sex

Only the language changes. If the reasoning mind says “Don’t take sannyas” it will give you rationalizations, very clear-cut; it will give you logic, it will give you arguments. If you ask the feminine part it will not give you any logic, it will simply say “No, don’t take it” - just as all women do. They don’t argue, they simply conclude. Argument is not feminine, the process of argument is not appealing to them. They simply jump to a conclusion. They conclude. Intuition is conclusive, reason goes into the details of it, thinks for and against, then decides after a long process of thinking. But the intuitive part simply says yes and no.

You ask “Should I take sannyas?” and your feminine part, what you are calling “guide,” says no. Your fear has entered into the deeper realm of your right hemisphere too. You are really a coward.

Fischer-Hoffman therapy can go only this far. Yes, it gives a certain balance, it is a balance in polarity - listen to both the minds, the other part is also yours, and live your life in a more balanced way. Good, nothing wrong about it. That’s what happens in dreaming, that’s what happens when you drink alcohol, that’s what happens when you take drugs - a shift. Reason is dropped, logic is dropped, the argument is dropped - suddenly you are gliding into the world of dreams. But this is not going to help you grow spiritually.

The second, the deeper mind, the unconscious mind, is also divided into two - the thinking and the intuitive. But Fischer-Hoffman therapy never reaches to the unconscious, it floats in the conscious, it is very solid. The conscious is very solid, there is a clear-cut demarcation between the thinking and the feeling part. In the unconscious the state is very liquid. The thinking and the intuitive are not very demarked, they overlap, just like any liquid.

And in the third, the superconscious mind, the state is vaporous - it is not only overlapping, there is a unison. The feeling and the thinking part are one, there is no division. In the superconscious there is no division - feeling and reason exist as one. You feel, you think, together, simultaneously; you think, you feel, together, simultaneously. There is no duality. In the unconscious the duality is there but less distinct, more ambiguous. It is not solid, it is liquid. In the conscious mind the duality is very, very clear, mapped, fenced - a China Wall exists between the thinking and the feeling part.

Fischer-Hoffman therapy goes only to this solid wall of the unconscious. If you want to reach deeper you will have to follow some other things - yoga, tai-chi, tantra, karate, akido, etc. They take you deeper than Fischer-Hoffman, they take you to the unconscious. When you are in the unconscious you will have glimpses of being one for the first time - but they will be only glimpses. A subtle division will still persist. It is just as if you have mixed water and oil - no wall separates them, both are liquid, but still the water remains a little separate from the oil, mixing and yet not mixing.

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