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Chapter 4: The Drunken Dancer

The first question:

I don’t understand - what does the word God mean? I really don’t understand. God - what is that? You say life is everything. Life is what is, what counts, here and now - no planning, no wishing, no wanting, no hoping, no searching. Live now, spontaneously. Just be. Yes, I understand that, but what is “God”? Is God another word for life, what is? But why do we use the word God and not just life?
They say “God” is the one who created the world. Is that what it is?

The question is of course from somebody who is very new here. Many things will have to be understood.

First: there is no need to understand what “God” is, because whatsoever God is cannot be understood. Understanding is not the right direction towards God. Understanding means you are trying intellectually - through logic, reason, concepts - and that’s the sure way to miss God.

It is as if somebody is trying to see through the ears. He will not be able to see. Or somebody is trying to hear with the eyes. He will not be able to hear. The ears are to hear and the eyes are to see.

The intellect is utilitarian. It helps while you are moving outside of your being. It is helpful as a guide in the world of the without. The moment you turn inwards it becomes useless; it is no longer a guide. Then it misguides. There is a limit to the intellect.and God can be felt only, not understood.

When you are moving inwards, you come closer to the source of your own being - and that is the source of all being. If I can come to my own self, I have come to the supreme self - because at the center I am no more “I am”; I am the whole. But the movement has to be inwards, the movement has to be somewhere deep in the depth.

Intellect is superficial - so if you are trying to understand God, you will go on missing. The first thing to be understood is that understanding is not the right direction. Feeling..

Once a Christian missionary asked a very primitive man, an aboriginal, “Who told you what you know of God?”

The primitive laughed and replied, “Told? Whoever is so stupid that they have got to be told about God? Never did any man know God by ‘tolds.’ You get God by ‘feels.’ All the told there is to it is his name. You call him God, I call him Gallah. I English Gallah’s name so you can understand me, but whoever has got anything by ‘tolds’?”

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