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Chapter 21: Totality Transforms Quality

[to a visitor from Spain] What are you doing there?

I am a painter.

Very good. Things will go well with me!

Religion is the greatest art.and unless you understand religion something will be always missing in your art, something will remain incomplete, because whatsoever you do without religion, you are the doer. Once religion enters your life you are no longer the doer. Then something greater than you, vaster than you, enters you, starts functioning through you. You become more and more a medium, a possessed being - and then something of the unknown penetrates into the known.

All great works of art are religious, are bound to be religious. Anything that is great has to be religious. Something of the divine, something of the sacred will be there in its climate.

Are you meditating?

On my own.. I don’t know if I’m doing it right, but I have felt painting to be a medium. One time I needed a wave and I couldn’t think of the right wave so I asked God for help, and a wave appeared on the door. And I had to run and get a pencil and paper because I thought it would go away. But it was still there, so I copied it down!

Good! It was a hunch but it worked! Sometimes hunches work more than reason. And particularly when a hunch comes to a woman it works better than when it comes to a man, because the feminine mind remains irrational. That is the polarity: the male mind is rational, the female mind is irrational - nearer the heart than the brain. If you can trust hunches then much is possible.

And in fact prayer should be unlearned. It should be spontaneous - and that’s why it worked. There are many people who are praying in the churches, in the temples, and nothing happens.nothing is going to happen. They can go on praying for lives together and nothing will happen, because the prayer is not spontaneous. They are managing it; it is through the mind. They are too wise, and for a prayer to function you have to be a fool.

That was foolish - you even felt awkward when you said it, that you talked to God. It was foolish, but it worked. There are things where foolishness is wisdom, and wisdom is foolishness. So continue to use that; whenever you feel a moment when it is needed, use it. The more you use it, the more it will become available. And out of these meditations your prayer will deepen. You have come in the right moment to be trapped!

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