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Chapter 1: Falling in Tune with the Whole

1.68 Bhai kai satguru sant kahawai

He is the real master, who can reveal the form
of the formless to the vision of these eyes:
who teaches the simple way of attaining him,
that is other than rites or ceremonies:
who does not make you close the doors, and hold the breath,
and renounce the world:
who makes you perceive the supreme spirit
wherever the mind attaches itself:
who teaches you to be still in the midst of all your activities.
Ever immersed in bliss, having no fear in his mind,
he keeps the fear of union in the midst of all enjoyments.
The infinite dwelling of the infinite being is everywhere:
in earth, water, sky, and air:
firm as the thunderbolt, the seat of the seeker
is established above the void.
He who is within is without: I see him and none else.

1.22. Jab main bhula re bhai

O brother: when I was forgetful,
my true guru showed me the way.
Then I left all rites and ceremonies,
I bathed no more in the holy water:
then I learned that it I alone who was mad,
and the whole world beside me was sane;
and I had disturbed these wise people.
From that time forth I knew no more how to roll
in the dust in obeisance:
I do not ring the temple bell:
I do not set the idol on its throne:
I do not worship the image with flowers.
It is not the austerities that mortify the flesh
which are pleased to the lord.
When you leave off your clothes and kill your senses,
you do not please the lord.

The man who is kind and who practices righteousness,
who remains passive amidst the affairs of the world,
who considers all creatures on earth as his own self,
he attains the immortal being, the true god is ever with him.
Kabir says: ”He attains the true name whose words are pure,
and who is free from pride and conceit.”

What is religion? Religion is falling in tune with the whole, falling in love with the whole, falling in a togetherness with the whole. A religious person is one who is not against the whole and the irreligious is one who is fighting the whole, is in conflict with the whole. The religious person is life-affirmative. The irreligious person is life-negative. To the religious person all is good - his affirmation is absolute and total. Nothing is wrong; even if it appears at times that it is wrong, it cannot be wrong. It must be a misunderstanding, a misinterpretation. It must be based somewhere in our ignorance because we don’t know the whole story. So maybe some part looks as if not fitting with the whole. We have not heard the whole song, so some note appears to fall out of line. But everything has to be good if there is God. God is the guarantee of goodness. Evil, as such, cannot exist. If it appears, it must be a nightmare of our own minds; we must have created it.

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