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Chapter 1: Miracles Are Bound to Happen

You can choose.but don’t be saddened, in sorrow. If you want to just imagine things, then you can imagine anything. It is easy for millions of people in the world to pray to God because it is all imagination. If by chance it happens that they meet God, then there will be difficulty. Then immediately they will want to escape, and they will start finding a thousand and one complaints. They will start laying many judgments upon God.

For example, if you meet God and he turns out to be Chinese, are you going to tolerate him - with five, six hairs in his beard, with long cheek bones? Or, who knows, maybe he is black. And maybe there is a possibility he is a woman.a black woman with a Chinese face! You will run back to Sweden so fast. It was good in Sweden, God was your imagination. Whatever you wanted.

In India, the god Krishna, in his temples.there are beautiful temples of Krishna all over India, and he is one of the most colorful men. He has to be given food two times a day, just as every Indian eats. Every afternoon he takes a nap. In the night, when he goes to sleep, the doors are closed.

It is your imagination; whatever you want to do.. If you don’t give him food, he cannot lodge a complaint in the Bund Garden Police Station. The poor fellow is imprisoned already in a temple, and nobody knows.and nobody has ever thought about a cup of tea in the morning.

Times have changed. If Krishna were alive, he would have learnt to drink tea - it is not such a sin. But Hindus cannot offer tea to Krishna. They keep him in a swing, and the priest goes on pulling the rope of the swing so he is completely enjoying the swing. In rich temples, it is a golden swing, or a silver swing.

In one of the cities where I lived for a few months, there was a very famous temple of Krishna just in front of my house. So I used to go just to see what was happening there. I told the priest, “One thing you should remember: the whole day, keeping the poor fellow on the swing, and the rope is being pulled - the rope pullers go on changing but that poor fellow.the whole day - I think it will create nausea. You should be a little more compassionate.”

He said, “But that’s what the scriptures say.”

I said, “You follow scriptures? Or do you have some intelligence, too? And if the scriptures say, ‘Go on pulling the swing the whole day,’ then at least take poor Krishna out for a morning walk outside in the garden - and go on pulling the swing as much as you want. Where are your scriptures? Is it written in them that Krishna has to be in the swing?”

He said, “That is not written.”

I said, “Then it is your own idea - swing, do whatever you want. And this is idiotic: keeping the priests changing, now that electricity is available. Just plug the swing into the electricity and it will keep swinging - Krishna or no Krishna.”

He said, “You should not say such things. It is irreligious.”

I said, “I think that what you are doing is irreligious.”

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