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Chapter 20: The Pagan: Chrysalis of Consciousness

Were pagans religious?

The Christians have given such a condemnatory definition to the word pagan that it has become almost the meaning of the word. To be a pagan, according to the Christians, is to be irreligious. The reality is just the reverse.

Christianity is a pseudo-religion.

It is not even irreligious, because to me an irreligious person is at least authentic, but a pseudo-religious person is insincere, dishonest. He is a hypocrite. So first you have to drop the idea about pagans that Christianity has created.

Christianity is only two thousand years old; pagans have lived for millions of years. Before any religion was born, the so-called great religions - Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Buddhism, Christianity - before even their names were heard, the pagans were there all over the world.

The pagan is not irreligious.

He is not anti-religious, he is not pseudo-religious.

He is not religious either; but in all these four categories, he comes closest to the religious.

The pagan is of a previous state of religious consciousness.

Before a man can become religious he will have to go back, through the state of being a pagan. There is no other way.

What do I mean by saying that before becoming religious a man has to pass through the state of being a pagan? I mean that he has to become free from all pseudo-religions, pseudo-irreligions, all kinds of ideologies, knowledge which is borrowed. He has to become clean, just like Adam and Eve coming out of the garden of Eden.

Who were they - Jews? Christians? Hindus? Mohammedans? The only word that can be used for them is pagans. They were still like small children.

All children are pagans. You try your hardest to make them Christians and Jews and Hindus; and unfortunately you succeed because the child is so helpless and so dependent on you, you can force him to pretend to be anybody: Catholic, Protestant, Witnesses of Jehovah, any nonsense. You can force anything on the child, because the human child is the most helpless child in the whole animal kingdom.

The human child cannot survive without his parents, without somebody taking care, without somebody giving warmth and love. He needs everything that all other animal kids need - and over and above all he needs something more..

It has been scientifically found that you can give the child all his physical nourishment, but if you deprive him of his psychological nourishment, he is going to die within three months. If, for example, nobody cuddles him, nobody tries to hold him close to their body and in the dark night he is left alone, no mother to give him warmth..

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