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Chapter 2: Religion Is Rebellion

Al-Hillaj Mansoor was not respectable. He was murdered, butchered, and in a very cruel way. Jesus’ crucifixion is far more human, because al-Hillaj Mansoor was cut piece by piece. First his legs were cut off, then his hands were cut off, then his tongue was cut off, then his eyes were taken out. It is the cruelest kind of murder that has ever happened. Still, he was laughing to the very end. Even the murderers became a little puzzled: “Is he mad or something?”

One of the murderers asked him, “Why are you laughing?”

He said, “I am laughing because you can kill my body, but you cannot kill me. And I am also laughing at God. You will not understand that,” he said, “because you cannot see God, but I am laughing at God too. I am telling him, ‘You can do whatsoever you want to do with me, you can come like murderers as you have come today, but I will still recognize you. I can see you in these people who are murdering me! You cannot deceive me any more. I will recognize you in any disguise you come. I have recognized you even in these murderers.’”

My sannyasins will have to suffer, but suffering in itself is not bad, suffering in itself is not misery. If you are suffering because you cannot compromise, if you are suffering because you want to live your truth, it is a joy, it is bliss. You have to become the very salt of the earth.

And I know people believe the politicians. They will create all kinds of troubles for you, but I know that only through those troubles you will grow. So whenever I hear that people are going to create trouble for you, secretly I giggle! I say, “Hee-hee!”

You have also asked: “And do you think it is cowardly that I am considering staying in India not only to be close to you but also to avoid these troubles?” It depends. It is up to you to be clear. If you want to be here just to be close to me then there is no question of cowardliness, because here also you will have to face troubles - in fact many more, because the main troublemaker is here! I have always enjoyed mischief and I still enjoy - I don’t want to hide it from you. From my very childhood I have enjoyed all kinds of mischief, and my enlightenment has not made any difference. At the most it has made my mischiefs a little bit enlightened, that’s all, but the basic foundation remains the same. Of course now I make mischiefs on vaster, greater planes; my canvas is bigger, but I enjoy.

So if you want to be here just to be close to me it is beautiful. but you will not be avoiding any trouble. In Germany you will be far better off, because I have not heard yet that any sannyasin has been molested in Germany, raped in Germany, murdered in Germany, but in India all these things have happened. And many cases happened, because India is far more uncultured, far more uncivilized, far more irreligious than anywhere else in the world - for the simple reason that Indians believe that they are religious. Their belief in being religious hides their irreligiousness. They are the greatest hypocrites in the whole world.

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