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Chapter 6: Guilt Is Inverted Revenge

Here, there are a few sannyasins.because I have made it an absolute rule that no AIDS-positive person should be allowed to enter the gate. If he wants to go anywhere, he should go to the Vatican. The Vatican is the most responsible for creating AIDS. And the pope’s position has to be changed - not as a representative of God but as the superintendent of an AIDS hospital. All people suffering from AIDS should move towards the Vatican.

I have prohibited their entry. People have to bring a certificate saying that they are negative. But you will not believe how irresponsible man can be. There are many doctors who are selling negative certificates, so you simply give some money.there is no need to be worried, take the certificate. It seems we will have to make our own lab to test people before we allow them into the campus. Their certificates can be bogus. You give just a few rupees, and in Mumbai you can get a certificate. And this is happening all around the world. But such irresponsibility has never been seen. They only think of themselves and the money that they are getting. They are not worried what harm this man can do - to his friends, to his family, to his children, to his wife.

People are trying to get negative certificates because they don’t want to be condemned by the society, and they don’t want their wives and their children and their parents to feel embarrassed that they have got AIDS. Friends will no longer be friends. So to protect one’s ego, people are trying to hide the fact. And because of the hiding of the fact, it is spreading like wildfire all over the world.

Do you want me to not call homosexuality perversion because it hurts you? If it hurts you, I am not responsible for your hurt. Your priests who have been teaching celibacy are responsible. But strange - governments are making laws against homosexuality, that it is now a crime. Anybody found to be homosexual can be sent to jail. But homosexuality is not the real root, the real root is the idea of celibacy.

Celibacy is the real perversion, but not a single man in the whole world has condemned celibacy, because nobody wants all the religions to be against him. But I am at ease because already the whole world is against me. What more can it do? I say it definitively: celibacy should be made one of the most heinous crimes. The religions which teach it should be banned.

And all celibates in the monasteries, the monks of different religions, should be told, “Get married, or at least find a girlfriend. You have lived with boyfriends long enough.”

The people who have AIDS should be segregated. They should have their own small cities, where all are suffering from AIDS - the doctors, the nurses, the patients, the scientists. Then there is no danger. You cannot have, like double pneumonia, double AIDS - single is enough!

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