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Chapter 26: The World Has Suffered Too Much from Politics

Mark Hendricks, KOIN-TV, Channel 6, Portland (CBS Affiliated); Scott Miller, KGW-TV, Channel 8, Portland (NBC Affiliated); Roberta Ulrich, The Oregonian, Portland; Richard Wagner, CBS Network; Brian Ecker, Associated Press, Portland; Don Lattin, San Francisco Examiner; Pete King, Los Angeles Times; Steve Davis, KGO-TV, Channel 7, San Francisco; Bill Graves, Bend Bulletin; Grey Hoy, Seven Network, Australia; Swami Anand Videha, Italy, Les Zaitz; The Oregonian, Portland; Tom Stevenson, The Dalles Chronicle, The Dalles; Ma Mary Catherine, Osho Times; Gerald Erickson, The Dalles Weekly Reminder; Ted Viramonte, Madras Pioneer, Madras; Jackie Johnson, KBND Radio, Bend; Ma Viren, Espresso magazine, Panorama magazine and Eurepeo, Italy; Susan Barr, Q104, The Dalles; Bob Smith, KPRB Radio, Redmond; Alex King, KACI Radio, The Dalles; Fred Breuning, Newsday, New York.

[Introductions of new corporation officers have been omitted in this transcript.]

Isabel: Osho, I have told the press you will give a statement before they ask questions.

This is a moment of great rejoicing for my commune. I have been silent for three and a half years. The people who were in power took advantage of my silence. Because I was not in contact with the sannyasins, I was not aware what is being done to them.

As I started speaking again, a strange thing happened. Sheela became very sad. She was the president of the Rajneesh Foundation International and my personal secretary. Everybody in the commune was immensely ecstatic that I am speaking again except Sheela. This was strange. But just within few days it became clear what is the reason. While I was in isolation and in silence, she has become a celebrity. Through the news media she has become famous all over the world. She was representing me. Because I started speaking again, she found that her ego is shrinking, her image from the television screen is disappearing. It was bound to be so. If I am speaking myself, then there is no need for any mediator, any messenger, any representative.

She started going more and more to Australia, to India, to Europe, for any small excuse. Finally when she came back she wrote a letter to me that, “I don’t find the same excitement as I used to find before. But I am happy in Europe, happy in Japan, happy in Australia.” I replied to her that, “If you want to know the real reason of your happiness, I can come to Europe, to Australia, to Japan, wherever you want to check what is the real reason of your happiness. You have become addicted to be famous, and this is a far worse drug than any drug in existence.” And my sannyasins are not power-oriented. They are not political people. They are absolutely apolitical.

The world has suffered too much from politics. At least let few intelligent people decide to be dropouts from all dirty politics - and there is no other kind.

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