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Chapter 4: This You Call Civilization?

Slowly, slowly, by and by, your consciousness starts melting like ice into the ocean.

I can see around me ten thousand buddhas melting into an ocean. Gautama the Buddha Auditorium has become an ocean without any ripples - such peace, such silence, such isness transforms you.

Only this isness creates wisdom in you.

Wisdom is a shadow of meditation. In fact, all so-called virtues, without meditation, are fake. With meditation, authentic virtues start arising all over your inner space.

You have to face a tremendous revolution.

You become a garden, and all kinds of flowers, strange unworldly fragrances, fill your inner space. To me, to know this space is to know godliness. I call godliness, the buddha.

Now, before Nivedano calls you back, collect as much experience of the center, as much juice.drink of it. Collect all the wildflowers of the beyond. You have to bring them back. They have to become slowly, slowly your blood, your bones, your very marrow.

And persuade the buddha. He is coming every day, inch by inch, closer to you. It is your nature. He has to come to the surface just like a lotus flower comes from the dirty mud, rises above the mud, above the water, and opens its petals to a new sunrise.

You are all facing a great dawn, very close. You are the most blessed people at this moment on the earth. The whole of humanity is entangled with trivia, useless furniture.

To me, according to my experience, this is the only religiousness there is.



Come back.. But come back with the joy, with the silence, with the serenity. Sit down for a few moments just to recollect the golden path you have traveled - and look just behind you: the buddha has come closer to you.

First he will be a shadow behind you, and then you will be a shadow behind him. That will be the greatest blissful day in your life.

Yakusan says, “Isness is my business.”

That is my business also. That has been the business of all the buddhas - a single business, bringing people to isness, to here and now, and the doors are flung open to all the mysteries and all the miracles of existence.