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Chapter 2: Thought Birth Control

We have gathered here to do nothing but experience that state where we simply exist - where no action takes place, where there is no impurity of action. It is a state where only the pure flame of being remains, where only the self remains, where even the thought that “I am” no longer remains, where simply “am-ness” remains. This is shunya, emptiness. This is the point where we see not the world, but truth. It is in this void, in this emptiness, where the wall that keeps you from knowing your self topples, where the curtains of thought rise and wisdom dawns. In this void there is no thinking, there is knowing. Here there is seeing; here there is vision.

But the words vision and seeing are also not appropriate because here there is no distinction between the knower and the known, no distinction between the subject and the object. Here there is neither the known nor the knower - simply the knowing. In this context no word is appropriate, only wordlessness. If anyone asks me about this state I remain silent - or I could say I convey my answer through my silence.

Meditation is non-doing. Doing is something we may do if we want to or may not do if we don’t want to. But self-nature is not a doing. It is neither doing nor non-doing. For example, knowing and seeing are parts of our self-nature, parts of our being. Even if we don’t do anything they will still be there. Self-nature is constantly present in us. Only that which is constant and continuous in us is called self-nature. Self-nature is not something of our creation, it is our foundation. We are it. We do not create it, we are sustained by it. Hence, we call it dharma, that which sustains. Dharma means self-nature; dharma means pure “isness,” existence.

This continuous nature of ours becomes suppressed in our fragmentary stream of actions. Just as the ocean becomes covered by waves and the sun by clouds, we become covered by our own actions. The layer of activities on the surface hides that which is deep inside. Insignificant waves hide the ocean’s unfathomable depths. How strange it is that the mighty is suppressed by the trivial, that a speck in the eye makes mountains invisible! But the ocean does not cease to exist because of the waves. It is the very life of the waves and is present in them as well. Those who know, will even recognize the ocean in the waves, but those who do not know must wait until the waves subside. They can only see the ocean after the waves disperse.

We have to dive into this very self-nature. We have to forget about the waves and jump into the ocean. We have to know our own depths where there is isness, where there is ocean without waves, where there is being, not becoming.

This world of waveless and motionless knowing is always present in us, but we are not present to it. We have turned away from it - we are looking outside, we are looking at things, we are looking at the world. But bear one thing in mind: we are looking; what is seen is the world, but the one who is seeing is not the world, it is the self.

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