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Chapter 10: Pope the Polack Is the Antichrist

One lie needs to be supported by another lie. In how many days did God create the world? In six days, because the seventh day he got tired - great God! Omnipotent, all-powerful God gets tired in six days - spent, finished! Since then we have not heard anything about him. Since then he has been resting; the Sunday does not end at all.

And all these things are against scientific investigations. This earth itself is at least three million years old, nothing to say about the universe. The universe is eternal; it has always been there, changing into new forms. Every day new stars are born, every day old stars die. There is no beginning and there is no end; hence the question of any creator does not arise at all.

But you create a lie; you make churches and temples and synagogues around that lie; you create bishops, archbishops, popes, to be mediators between you and the lie, and you waste your life praying to something which does not exist at all.

All the religions have been destructive to your religiousness. They have been destructive to your search for truth. They have been teaching you to believe, not to inquire. They have been giving you ready-made formulas so you need not bother about any individual inquiry.

Leo Tolstoy has a story, a beautiful story, of three villagers - uneducated, uncultured. They lived by the side of a lake in total isolation, under a tree. They were becoming more and more famous as saints.

The archbishop of the Russian Orthodox church of course was angry, because in Christianity you can be a saint only if you are certified by the pope. It is hilarious that a saint needs to be certified - as if it is also a title, an honorary degree that has to be conferred on the man. The very word saint in English comes from “sanction”; it has to be sanctioned, certified.

These three people were not certified and they had become saints. People were going to them in thousands and they were not coming to the archbishop. He was really pissed off!

One day he could not contain himself. He took a motor boat and went across the lake. Those three poor people fell at his feet and they said, “Why did you have to make this long, tedious journey? You could have informed us and we would have come.”

He was cooled down a little, seeing their simplicity. But he said, “Do you think you are saints?”

They said, “We don’t know what a saint means.”

He asked, “Why do people come to worship you?”

They said, “That is a problem to us. We don’t want them to - that’s why we have come far away from the village to live here in isolation. But people are crazy; they go on coming here. And we go on saying that we don’t know anything; we are just simple people, poor people.”

Now the archbishop was back into his daily posture of being the archbishop. He said, “Then listen; first tell me, what is your prayer?”

All the three looked at each other and said, “You tell him.”

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