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Chapter 3: Being Is Intrinsically Valuable

And the other-worldly person starts hallucinating in the day too, even with open eyes - because the worldly man is in the world, and in the world you cannot hallucinate because others will think you are mad. In the world you live with objects, and you have to prove to others that what you are seeing is a reality. The treasures of your dreams, nobody is going to believe in them. There are so many non-believers around you; they will ask for proofs and proofs you cannot supply. So you can dream only in the night. But the other-worldly, those who have escaped from the world, a person who lives in isolation in a Himalayan cave, has no need to prove. There is nobody to prove to and nobody asks him. He has dropped the objective world; now he lives in his subjectivity - he can dream in the day, he can dream with open eyes.

It is now a well-known, well-established psychological fact that if people go on a long fast in isolation, after the first week they start hallucinating, and after the third week they lose all distinction between what is real and what is unreal. After the third week of fasting, the reality and the dream start getting mixed up.

It is like small children: small children don’t know what is real and what is unreal. So sometimes a child who was dreaming about a beautiful toy wakes up and starts crying for it. And the mother goes on trying to convince him that it was only a dream, but he says, “It was here - how can it be a dream? I had it! Where has my toy gone? Bring it back to me!”

The same thing happens in deep isolation. If it is a prolonged thing, a three weeks’ fast in an isolated cave in the Himalayas, slowly slowly you will start hallucinating. Then you see Krishna playing on the flute; not only that - he starts talking to you. Not only that - he starts playing with you. And because it is thought to be spiritual.. It is simple madness. But because it is thought to be spiritual you feel very very gratified, your ego feels very fulfilled. You brag about it, that Krishna has appeared, that you have talked with Krishna, that you have played with him, that he was playing on the flute and you danced around him.

And there are other fools also who will believe it. The whole world is full of superstitious people.

Buddha lived those six long years through all kinds of things like this. It is only by experiencing these things that one day one can conclude that this is all nonsense. And when it is your own realization that it is all nonsense - you need not drop it - it simply disappears.

That night he slept without dreams. And in the early morning when he opened his eyes and the last star was disappearing, something in him disappeared - the ego. He became enlightened.

This enlightenment is not something that has come from the outside - it is your intrinsic nature. It has come from within. But the within and the beyond are synonymous: the within is the beyond. It is through the within that the beyond penetrates.

Then Buddha said, “Enlightenment is not an achievement - it is a gift from existence.” But those six years had prepared him to receive it.

Prepare yourself to receive it. It is acausal, but that does not mean that you have to stop all efforts. If you stop, you will miss. If they stop on their own, because your understanding has penetrated so deeply that it is impossible to make any effort anymore, even if you want to you cannot, in that state of effortless passivity you become the host and existence becomes the guest.

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