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Chapter 4: Just Drop the Cross!

Your whole education system tries to create ambition in you - not understanding. Your education pushes you to become the governor, the premier, the president, whatsoever the cost. The politician cannot be happy - in spite of Jimmy Carter’s phony smile. Have you seen him smiling after he was no longer president? When he was president I think he did nothing other than show his teeth to the whole world. I have heard that his wife used to close his mouth every night.

All lies - everything phony and American.all plastic. You know the phrase, “the white lie.” Perhaps that’s why you call your president’s house the White House. It is a very suitable name, because only white lies exist there.

Man is living unnaturally. If he lives naturally then he feels guilty, because his religion, his education, his culture go on and on conditioning him: “You have to go above nature.” Who can go above nature? Nature is all! - there is nothing above it. You have to be natural.

That’s what my basic teaching is: be natural. Don’t try to go beyond nature. That is the beginning of misery, pain. And when you are miserable, when you are in pain, you cannot tolerate anybody who is celebrating. It hurts, it humiliates you.

My people are humiliating all the religions of the world. Naturally they are against me and against you. It is your celebration that is creating the trouble. Have long, British faces. Tears are accepted, not smiles.

Have you seen Jesus Christ, in any picture, smiling? And Christianity has chosen as its symbol, the cross. Now, the people who are carrying the cross, can they celebrate? A cross is hanging on your neck - it may be a golden cross, but a cross is a cross. All Christians worshipping the cross are managing to remain miserable. They don’t love Jesus Christ, they love his being crucified. Remember, Christianity was not born out of Jesus Christ’s sayings - there is nothing much in them. You cannot make a religion out of them. The whole of Jesus Christ’s doctrine can be condensed on a postcard.

Christianity was not born out of Jesus’ teachings, it was born out of his crucifixion. Why was the cross accepted so easily? - and Christianity is now the biggest religion in the world. It suited man. It helped man in a very dangerous way. It made you aware that your misery is nothing compared to the misery of Jesus Christ. You are carrying a very small cross around your neck; Jesus had to carry a very heavy cross on his shoulders. Three times he fell on the road because of the weight of the cross. He was whipped and told to take up the cross again.

The crucified Jesus is your religion. Compared to your misery, his misery is immense. Naturally, Christianity became the biggest religion in the world, because it is the biggest philosophy of being miserable.

Jesus said, “Carry you cross on your shoulders. Everybody has to carry his cross on his shoulders.” I don’t see any point in it. Why carry a cross on your shoulder? Are you mad? Rather, carry a flute with you, a song, a beautiful flower - a rose I can understand. But then you will be hated by all those who have missed the joys of life. But nobody else is responsible for their missing, they themselves are responsible.

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