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Chapter 1: Raw, Alive, Rebellious

Look! I love human beings, but not humanity. Humanity does not exist. Only concrete human beings exist - someone here, someone there, but it is always someone. Humanity is an empty word. And just like that is Christ. Jesus exists, sometimes in Gautam the Buddha, sometimes in Mohammed the prophet, sometimes in Krishna the fluteplayer - somewhere here, somewhere there, but it is always a concrete phenomenon. Christ is abstract. It exists only in the books of philosophy and theology. Christ has never walked on the earth. Or, we can say it another way: Christ is the son of God, Jesus the son of man.

Let me talk about Jesus the son of man, because only the son of man is real, and only the son of man can grow and become the son of God. Only man can grow and become God, because man is the seed, the source; God is the flowering. God does not exist anywhere. When you flower, God comes into existence - it comes into existence and disappears.it comes into existence and disappears. When Buddha was here, God existed. When Jesus was here, God existed. When Jesus disappears, God disappears - just as when a flower disappears, it disappears. God is not somewhere, always existing, otherwise God will never be fresh and young - it will gather too much dust, it will become dirty. It comes into existence whenever a man realizes his sins, whenever a man really exists. Whenever a man exists in totality, God exists in those rare moments. So when you come and ask me, “Where is God?” I cannot show you. Unless you have proof of him in your own being, he will not be there. Until you become him he is not. Everybody has to realize him in his own innermost shrine, in his own being. You carry him as a seed. It is up to you to allow it to grow and become a great tree.

So I will not be talking about Christ, but about Jesus. Let Christ be imprisoned in the churches - that is the right place for Christ to exist. I would like Jesus to enter your hearts. Forget Christ, remember Jesus. But just the opposite has happened. People have forgotten Jesus and their minds have been hammered continuously for two thousand years, hammered to remember Christ. Christ cannot transform you, because there exists no bridge between you and Christ. Then there exists an unbridgeable abyss. But with Jesus you are close. You can call Jesus “brother, but you cannot call Christ “brother.” And until you feel a deep brotherhood, a bridge, how can Jesus be of any help to you? Jesus is tremendously beautiful his beauty has a dimension of its own. Buddha is beautiful, but Jesus is totally different from Buddha. In Buddha a different type of silence was incarnated.

I have heard about a Chinese emperor. He had two great painters in his court, and there was always rivalry. They were always fighting and competing, and it was almost impossible to decide who was the greater. Both were masters of their art. One day the emperor said, “Now you do one thing: you both paint on one theme so that it can be decided who is the greater. And the theme is ‘Rest’.”

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