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Chapter 2: A Whole Glass of Water

Doctors from the West have now gone to Kiev and have found that Soviet Russia has given exact information about the disaster in their nuclear plant. Only two persons have died, and America managed to influence the whole world news media to say that two thousand people have died. There is a limit to exaggeration - two people became two thousand! And now Western experts have gone there and they have confirmed that only two persons have died. Four persons died afterwards, so in all, six persons have died.

And these are religious people trying in every way to deceive the world, to deceive the human mind, to pollute with ugly lies. So don’t be against men as such; just being against Christian atrocities is enough.

And don’t feel bad that something is wrong in you. It must be a remembrance. You can go through hypnosis so that you can remember better. That will help in both ways: you will not feel bad that you are having such bad, evil ideas, and secondly it will help you to make clear the distinction between men and Christians.

Now all European countries are Christian and they are ready for chemical war. And they will go on reading, “Love your enemies, Love your neighbor,” and they will continue praying in their churches.and they will prepare a chemical death for millions of people. And the initiator is a fundamentalist Christian.

Ronald Reagan has been brought up in a fundamentalist Christian school, and he has not grown up from there. He is still retarded.

You can see the Christian mind: Americans were asked, “If you want your brain to be changed, with whom would you want to change it?” God came last. Nobody cares about God; that’s how you can see.

If you directly ask somebody, then he will fight that God is the supreme being. But in an indirect way, they got caught. Ronald Reagan is ahead of God, ahead of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ and God - these are just fictions, even to the Christian mind. Otherwise, in the poll God should have come first - he couldn’t even have come second - and Jesus Christ should have come second. And there are hundreds of beautiful people in the world; Ronald Reagan cannot have any place.

But for two thousand years Christianity has been killing people in the name of religion, in the name of God, in the name of Christ, in the name of the nation - so it is perfectly right to condemn them. But not every man is a Christian. To be a Christian is a degradation; it is becoming subhuman.

But it will be good to go through a hypnotic process to find out more clearly. Perhaps you may remember what were the techniques of the witches - how they functioned, how they managed to change people - because unless they were a danger to Christianity, Christianity would not have killed them.

It was a real danger, because Christianity has nothing to offer in comparison.