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Chapter 10: Open the Door

That is one of the greatest teachings of all religions: to become an actor in life. Then like/dislike disappears. When like/dislike disappears, choice disappears - and when you are choiceless, you are free. Moksha, nirvana, is attained.

Become an actor. Play the role, play it beautifully.because when one has to play it, why not play it beautifully? You are a Judas - perfectly okay. Be a Judas - enjoy the role and let the audience also enjoy the role. Behind the stage, Judas and Jesus are meeting and having tea. They are friends there, they have to be.

In fact, without Judas, Jesus cannot be. Something in the story will be missing, something very essential will be missing. Just think of Jesus without Judas. Christianity will not be possible. There might not have been any record of Jesus without Judas. Because he betrayed, Jesus was crucified, and because Jesus was crucified, the event stuck hard in the heart of humanity.

Christianity is born not because of Christ, but because of the cross. So I would prefer that Christianity be called “Crossianity.” It should not be connected with Christ, but with the cross.

If you go and look at the church, you will see the cross raised higher than Jesus, and the bishops and the popes wearing the cross. Christianity is born out of the cross. But if you think that, then who is the author of this crucifixion? - Judas, not Jesus.

At the last moment on the cross, just before he died, Jesus hesitated. The part hesitated to dissolve into the whole, the river hesitated to fall into the ocean. It’s natural, it is human: Jesus is son of man and son of God.

Every river must be tremendously apprehensive and afraid when it comes to the ocean. It was coming all the way - it may have journeyed thousands of miles to meet the ocean - but whenever the river falls into the ocean, a deep turmoil is bound to be there in the heart. She is going to disappear. The ocean is so vast - where will she be? She will be lost, her identity gone: the name, the form, the dreams, the desires - all gone. The ocean is so vast, she will simply disappear. Falling into the ocean is death, there is the cross. When a river falls into the ocean, there is a cross.

Jesus, at the last moment, looked at the sky and said, “God, have you forsaken me? Why is this happening to me?” - a deep cry of anguish. “Why have you forsaken me?” shows the humanity of Jesus. That is where Jesus is tremendously beautiful, incomparably beautiful.

Buddha is more inhuman. You may call it superhuman, but he is inhuman. If he was going to die on the cross, he would not have cried toward the sky, “Why have you forsaken me?” He knows that there is nobody to cry to, he knows no God exists, that that is all human foolishness. He knows that all that is born is going to die; he has understood it totally. He will not cry, he will simply dissolve. The river of Buddha will not hesitate, it will not hesitate for a single moment. There will not be a cross.

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