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Chapter 4: A Real Man Is Unpredictable

In existence whenever an enlightened person appears, both the bad and the good forces start functioning. As history testifies, often the bad forces win. A Jesus is crucified, a Socrates is poisoned, a Mansoor is chopped, Buddha, Mahavira are stoned. As such, a large part of humanity remains in utter darkness. Osho, will this state of affairs remain as in the past? Will the same phenomenon continue after you leave? Please throw some light.

The first thing to understand is: don’t divide existence into good and bad, into God and Devil, into forces of good and forces of evil. That division is a wrong way to look at reality. Existence is one. In existence Jesus and Judas are not separate, but players in the same drama. Can you think of Jesus without Judas? You think Christianity was founded by Jesus alone? Then you are utterly wrong - fifty percent by Jesus, fifty percent by Judas. And in fact, Judas has played a more important role than Jesus himself.

Hence I don’t call Christianity “Christianity”; I call it “Crossianity,” because the cross has become the symbol. And who is responsible for the cross? Judas is responsible for the cross. Without Judas, the story of Jesus will lose all its glory. Judas gives the contrast; he is the blackboard on which Jesus becomes a silver line. He is the black cloud, and Jesus shines forth as a lightning energy - but without the black cloud you will not be able to see the lightning either.

Do you see stars during the day? They are there, but you can’t see them. To see them you will need the dark night - the darker the night, the more shining are the stars. The night is more starry because more and more stars appear as the darkness deepens. Will you say that darkness is against the stars? It enhances them, it nourishes them.

So the first thing to remember is that existence is not divided into two camps. It is one game, it is one play; we are all players in it, and the enemy is as much needed as the friend.

It is not accidental that before Jesus was caught he kissed Judas and washed his feet. Christians think this is just saintliness, holiness. My observation is: it is understanding; it has nothing to do with saintliness or holiness. A tremendous understanding!

Jesus is saying, “Although Judas is going to betray me, he has to fulfill his role and I have to fulfill mine - and we are part of the same drama.” This is the Eastern insight: that the forces of light and the forces of darkness are not really separate, they only appear so.

If Socrates was not poisoned you would have forgotten him long ago. And he was going to die anyway, so the people who poisoned him helped his work, they really served his cause. They made his name immortal.

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